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Introduction to Boucheron

First jeweller of Place Vendôme, Maison Boucheron has embodied excellence in Fine Jewellery since 1858. Its designs enhance women’s beauty; they offer grace, light, strength, and timelessness. The brand’s soulful stones and its unique and immediately recognisable style celebrate the most magical moments in life. Each creation is designed in accordance with Maison Boucheron’s values.

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Boucheron has a wide range of popular men’s and women’s fragrances to choose from.

The Quatre duo fragrances are a modern and daring olfactory interpretation of the jewellery house’s iconic ring. Assertive and contemporary, they reveal the strength of character and charisma of those who wear them. Sleek and graphic lines magnify the Quatre bottles, sublimated by a refined association of yellow gold and white enamel for her, white gold, and black enamel for him. Elegant; strong; uninhibited; bold.

Bestsellers from Boucheron

1. Boucheron Quatre pour Femme EDP

2. Boucheron pour Homme EDT

3. Boucheron pour Femme EDP

4. Boucheron pour Femme EDT

4. Boucheron pour Femme EDT

5. Boucheron Jaipur Homme EDT

Trending Boucheron products

1. Boucheron Quatre pour Homme EDT

2. Boucheron Quatre Absolu de Nuit pour Femme EDP

3. Boucheron Jaipur Bracelet EDP

4. Boucheron Quatre Absolu de Nuit pour Homme EDT

5. Boucheron Jaipur Bouquet EDP

Price range of Boucheron products on Parcos

INR 3,200 – 7,350

Frequently Asked Questions about Boucheron

  • 1.Where do you get authentic Boucheron perfumes in India?
  • Authentic Boucheron perfumes are available online in India on They are also available in all Parcos retail outlets nationwide.

  • 2.Which Boucheron perfume is inspired by India?
  • Launched in 1998, Jaïpur Homme is a mix of attraction and mystery. It evokes Louis Boucheron’s trip to India in the 1920s. The bottle is inspired from the famous astronomical gardens, imagined by the Maharaja Jaï Singh II. In its ark shape, it establishes itself as a powerful harmony. An architectural creation allying a modern western style to a peaceful and sumptuous oriental balance.

  • 3.Which is the best-selling Boucheron men’s perfume in India?
  • The classic Boucheron pour Homme EDT is the best-selling men’s perfume in India. It is created for a classy and refined man in echo of the watch collection. The Boucheron man distinguishes himself instantly by his classical and refined look and a timeless and universal charm. Classical; refined; timeless; charming.

  • 4.Are Boucheron perfumes long-lasting?
  • Boucheron is one of the top premium fragrance brands for men and women. The perfumes are high-quality and last all day. You can also maximize the life of the perfumes by storing them in a cool and dry place.

  • 5.Which Boucheron perfume is good for date night?
  • The Quatre Absolu De Nuit duo fragrances are a sophisticated evening version of the Quatre fragrances by Boucheron. It is a name that refers to the Quatre couple's search for 'Absolute' - absolute style, absolute charisma - the fragrance of absolute moments. At night, anything is possible for this contemporary couple, perfection is within their reach. A sensual and spellbinding EDP that reveals the strength of its exceptional raw materials.