Jimmy Choo Perfumes for Men and Women

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Jimmy Choo

Introduction to Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo encompasses a complete luxury accessories brand. Women’s shoes remain the core of the product offer, alongside handbags, small leather goods, scarves, sunglasses, eyewear, belts, fragrance, and men’s shoes.

Jimmy Choo fragrances are the ultimate accessories for women and men, revealing their seduction. Objects of desire to prolong the Jimmy Choo style, and the essence of the brand

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Jimmy Choo has a wide range of popular men’s and women’s fragrances to choose from.

Jimmy Choo ‘I Want Choo’ EDP for women is a powerful floral gourmand woody fragrance that explodes with joy and good humour finished with a seductive twist. It is the incarnation of the true Jimmy Choo woman: glamorous, confident, playful and always full of joy.

Jimmy Choo Urban Hero EDP is the classic choice for men. It is a woody aromatic fragrance inspired by the urban environment. It celebrates the intensity and contrasts of modern masculinity, working the codes of street art.

Bestsellers from Jimmy Choo

1. Jimmy Choo Man EDT

2. Jimmy Choo Urban Hero EDP

3. Jimmy Choo Fever EDP

4. Jimmy Choo Woman EDT

5. Jimmy Choo Man Blue EDT

Trending Jimmy Choo products

1. Jimmy Choo I Want Choo EDP

2. Jimmy Choo Woman EDP

3. Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower EDT

4. Jimmy Choo Man Intense EDT

5. Jimmy Choo Man Ice EDT

List of other Jimmy Choo products available on Parcos

1. Jimmy Choo L’eau EDT

2. Jimmy Choo Floral EDT

3. Jimmy Choo Illicit EDP

Price range of Jimmy Choo products on Parcos

INR 3,450 – 10,100

Frequently Asked Questions about Jimmy Choo

  • 1.Where do you get authentic Jimmy Choo perfumes in India?
  • Authentic Jimmy Choo perfumes are available online in India on Parcos.com. They are also available in all Parcos retail outlets nationwide.

  • 2.Which is the best-selling Jimmy Choo women's perfume in India?
  • Jimmy Choo Fever EDP is the best-selling women’s perfume in India. It is an addictive fragrance celebrating a new facet of the Jimmy Choo woman, an innate extrovert with a playful energy and sense of fun.

  • 3.Which is the best-selling Jimmy Choo men’s perfume in India?
  • The classic Jimmy Choo Man EDT is the best-selling men’s perfume in India. It is an effervescent fragrance that captures the spirit of the Jimmy Choo Man: an effortless attitude and a confident, overtly masculine style with a refined sense for detail and a rebellious sense of humour.

  • 4.Are Jimmy Choo perfumes long-lasting?
  • Jimmy Choo is one of the top premium fragrance brands for men and women. The perfumes are high-quality and last all day. You can also maximize the life of the perfumes by storing them in a cool and dry place.

  • 5.Is Jimmy Choo I Want Choo a men’s or women’s fragrance?
  • Jimmy Choo I Want Choo EDP is a new fragrance for women. The sensual fragrance is inspired by the atmosphere when friends are getting ready to party the night away.

  • 6.Which Jimmy Choo perfume is good for date night?
  • Jimmy Choo Man Intense EDP is the perfect fragrance for men to wear on date night. For women, Jimmy Choo Fever EDP is a great choice!