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Introduction to Kenzo

Kenzo Takada, a Japanese designer with a dash of eccentricity, arrived in Paris in the 70s. Inspired by the East and West, he invented colourful, energy-packed and anti-conformist fashion. Since 1988, with the creation of Kenzo Parfums, Kenzo has regaled us with stories told through scent. Poetry with a twist, redesigned nature, smiling sensuality and real emotions inspire each new fragrance. Surprising and provoking smiles…

With the energy, boldness and joy of Kenzo, the world is beautiful!

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KENZO fragrances re-enchant the world. Bold fragrances infused with joie de vivre and poetry, reflecting the creative energy of the brand. Singular, sensual and luminous, women's fragrances by KENZO are all different and each trail is unique. Discover them all! KENZO fragrances re-enchant the world. Singular, charming, energetic and elegant, men's fragrances by KENZO are all different. Each reflects the creative energy of the brand in its own way. Discover them all!

List of Kenzo Products available online


1. Flower by Kenzo EDP

2. Flower by Kenzo Eau de Vie EDP

3. Kenzo World EDP

4. Kenzo World Power EDP

5. Aqua Kenzo pour Femme EDT

6. Kenzo Homme EDT

7. Kenzo Jeu d ‘Amour EDP

8. L'Eau Kenzo pour Homme EDT

9. L'Eau Kenzo Intense pour Homme EDTI

10. Kenzo Homme EDP

Top/Best/Trending Products of Kenzo

  • Flower by Kenzo Eau De Parfum 100ML
  • Flower by Kenzo Eau De Parfum 100MLs
  • Flower by Kenzo Eau De Vie Eau De Parfum 100ML
  • Kenzo World Eau De Parfum 75ML
  • Kenzo World Power Eau De Parfum 75ML
  • L’ Eau Par Kenzo Eau De Toilette 100ML
  • Price Range of Kenzo products on Parcos

    75ml/ 100 ml – Rs. 4300-7250/-

    Frequently Asked Questions about Kenzo

  • Where do you get authentic Kenzo perfumes in India?
  • You can purchase authentic Kenzo perfumes online on The products are also available at all Parcos retail outlets.

  • Which is the best-selling men’s Perfume in India?
  • L’ Eau par Kenzo pour homme and Kenzo Homme are the best- selling Kenzo fragrances for men in India.

  • Which is the best-selling women's Kenzo Perfume in India?
  • Flower by Kenzo EDP and Kenzo World EDP are the best- selling fragrances for women in India.

  • Are Kenzo perfumes long lasting?
  • Kenzo is one of the premium brands in Luxury perfumes for men & women. The perfumes are high-quality and last all day. You can also maximize the life of the perfume by storing it in a cool and dry place.

  • Which Kenzo perfume has a floral fragrance?
  • FLOWERBY KENZO Eau de Parfum, the iconic fragrance for women by KENZO. Unpredictable, poppies grow where least expected, re-enchanting the city and its inhabitants. The emblematic red flower blossoms that re-enchant the cities majestically opens up on the bottle's glass columns. For KENZO, master-perfumer Alberto Morillas has created the fragrance of this scentless flower: FLOWER BY KENZO Eau de Parfum. Enveloping white musks and vanilla, pink pepper and Bulgarian rose to embody the sensuality of this feminine fragrance that has become an emblem in the world of perfume-making.