Montblanc Perfumes for Men and Women

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Introduction to Montblanc

A Montblanc item always has a story built around tradition, passion, art, handcrafting: the love of noble materials and the love of precision are gathered in order to reach perfection. Montblanc fragrances convey the same values and traditions of the brand representing simple and elegant creations in the interest of sharpness of detail. The passion of beautiful things remains the overriding concern of Montblanc fragrances.

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Montblanc has a wide range of popular men’s and women’s fragrances to choose from. Montblanc Legend Red Eau de Parfum for him, bolder and more determined than ever to make you feel confident, strong, and powerful. A charismatic woody fragrance that evokes the thrill of speed and makes the heart beat a little faster. Get ready for new sensations! Montblanc SignatureEau de Parfum for her intermingles the sensuality of vanilla with a contrasting “clean” facet of musks, creating an addictive, chic, and deliciously feminine trail. It exudes perfect femininity, an alliance of purity and mystery, of revelations and secrets. To write your next chapter, simply open the bottle.

Bestsellers from Montblanc

1. MontblancExplorer EDP

2. Montblanc Legend EDT

3. Montblanc Legend Spirit EDT

4. Montblanc Signature EDP

5. MontblancLady Emblem L’eauEDT

Trending Montblanc products

1. Montblanc Legend Red EDP

2. Montblanc Explorer Ultra Blue EDP

3. Montblanc Legend EDP

4. Montblanc Emblem L’eauEDT

5. MontblancLady Emblem EDP

List of other Montblanc products available on Parcos

1. Montblanc Individuel EDT

2. Montblanc Starwalker EDT

3. Montblanc Legend Night EDP

4. Montblanc Presence EDT

5. Montblanc Emblem Intense EDT

6. Montblanc Femme Individuelle EDT

7. Montblanc Emblem Absolu EDT

Price range of Montblanc products on Parcos

INR 3,650 – 8,050

Frequently Asked Questions about Montblanc

  • Where do you get authentic Montblanc perfumes in India?
  • Authentic Montblanc perfumes are available online in India on They are also available in all Parcos retail outlets nationwide.

  • Which is the best-selling Montblanc women's perfume in India?
  • MontblancSignature EDP is the best-selling women’s perfume in India.The Montblanc Signature woman has a remarkable personality and leaves a lasting impression, just like her perfume.

  • Which is the best-selling Montblanc men’s perfume in India?
  • MontblancExplorer EDPis the best-selling men’s perfumein India.Montblanc Explorer invites explorers on a fantastic journey, giving them the opportunity to discover the rarest ingredients and manufacturing methods that combine craftsmanship with the latest technology.

  • Are Montblanc perfumes long-lasting?
  • Montblanc is one of the top premium fragrance brands for men and women. The perfumes are high-quality and last all day. You can also maximize the life of the perfumes by storing them in a cool and dry place.

  • Is MontblancLegend EDP a men’s or women’s fragrance?
  • MontblancLegend EDP is a new fragrance made for a charismatic, confident, and inspiring man. The new version maintains Legend original notes enriched with a new facet: fresh Violet leaves, highlighted by a magnetic floral note of Magnolia and a captivating trail of vibrant wood and leather. A more concentrated interpretation with an assertive character.

  • Which Montblancperfume is good for gifting?
  • MontblancLegend EDT is the perfect gift for aconfident, charismatic, and effortlessly seductive man who lives his feelings.