After Shave Lotion for Men

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Men’s Aftershaves

Parcos brings you a range of men’s aftershave from the most reputed global brands. Pamper your freshly shaved skin with our exclusive range of aftershaves. Hailing from the fragrance brands that rule the world, these luxurious aftershaves give you a booster dose of confidence. Choose your winning signature scent at Parcos.

Buy Men’s Aftershaves Online on Parcos

Luxury men’s aftershave brands offer their bestsellers and unique products on Parcos. You can choose from a range of classic or distinct fragrances. Scroll through the many choices to find the fragrance that appeals to you or use filters to make the shopping experience even more convenient. Go ahead and pamper yourself. We’ll ensure the product is delivered promptly to your doorstep. Our policies are very customer friendly, allowing easy exchange, returns and cancellations.

Men’s Aftershave Brands Available Online on Parcos

It is scientifically proven that fragrances impact your mood. You can take your mood and attraction a few notches higher with the choicest aftershave. It helps heal your shaving cuts quicker, hydrates your skin, and promotes the growth of healthy skin tissues to keep your face feeling fresh and soft. Choose an elegant bottle that adds to the opulent appeal of your bathroom counter. Brands like Azzaro Pour Homme, Versace Pour Homme and K By Dolce & Gabbana are renowned for their tastefully designed bottles.

What to Look for While Buying Men’s Aftershave Online

1. Notes: To buy an aftershave and be assured of its scent, here’s a sneak peek into the fragrance family.
● Woody Oriental Spicy - smells of cedar or warm, spicy notes, like cinnamon, nutmeg, and thyme. These woody notes add warmth to events or functions at night, in the winters, or for a date.
● Aromatic Fougère Woody - clary sage flower, blue hyacinth, cedarwood, and musk. Refreshing and captivating, these fragrance notes are good for evening get-togethers. But considering some of its notes, such fragrances are perfect for daytime events or those power business meetings too.
● Woody Aromatic - fresh citrus or floral notes like sandalwood, pine, and patchouli. This is most suitable for those after-sunset occasions.

2. Long-lasting: A luxury men’s aftershave is not just about protecting the skin after shaving. It also soothes and refreshes the skin and keeps you fragrant for hours.

3. Skin Friendly: Select aftershaves that are renowned for their soothing effects on sensitive skin.

Fresh and powerful, these aftershaves offer magnetic sensuality. Parcos presents you with brands that are globally acclaimed and have carved a niche for their superior quality and distinct fragrances.

Types of Men’s Aftershaves

Make a splash and slay with a collection of sophisticated aftershaves for men. Although an aftershave is used on the face, it comes with a soft scent that is charismatic and masculine. They make a hug from your loved one last even longer!
Let’s have a look at the types of men’s aftershaves that you can choose from, at Parcos:
1. Lotion: Nourish your skin with an aftershave lotion. It’s a clear fluid with a burst of fragrance. Pour a few drops on your palm and pat on the skin, after your shaving, for ultimate comfort and freshness.
2. Spray: Aftershaves are also available with built-in sprays. Gently pump and feel the soothing liquid caressing your skin

How to Use/Apply Men’s Aftershave

● After shaving, wash your face with lukewarm water.
● Rinse your face and neck with cold water to close your pores. Pat dry.
● Splash aftershave into hands and gently pat onto the skin.

What's Trending in Men’s Aftershave

Every aftershave at Parcos is a masterpiece, with a luxurious bottle and a cool fragrance. Soothing and reviving, these aftershaves leave you feeling fresh and confident. Our most loved brands are:

Azzaro Pour Homme
Versace Pour Homme
K By Dolce & Gabbana
Stock up these gorgeous skin-soothers that’ll perfume your day with a hint of subtle scent.

Men’s Aftershave FAQs

  • Is free shipping available on Parcos on all orders?
  • Yes, Parcos offers free shipping on all orders.

  • How to search for offers on your website?
  • In the top navigation, select "Offers". Go through the list of products there. Check the latest deals available on the chosen product(s).

  • Can I send a gift to someone from your website?
  • Yes, at Parcos, we help you send luxurious gifts to your loved ones. You can choose gift sets in lavishly designed packaging or select a fragrance you believe will suit your personality.

  • What if I order something and want to return it?
  • If you’re not completely satisfied, you can return or exchange the aftershave. Simply raise a return or exchange request within 3 days of delivery and we will take care of the rest.