Lipstick Day Makeup Artists Tips

5 Celebrity Makeup Artists Share Their Most Trusted Lipstick Hacks, Tips, & Tricks

Marilyn Monroe was right when she said, “give a girl the right lipstick and she can conquer the world!”. Maybe not the world, but you’ve got to admit that lipstick is one powerful makeup product to have in your arsenal. Just a swipe can instantly uplift your look and mood too. Over the years, lipsticks have evolved—they have got a makeover not only in the way they are packaged, but also through formulations, textures, and finishes. Now, we find ourselves swimming in a sea of mattes, glosses, satins, stains, and everything in between. Ahead of National Lipstick Day, we reached out to 5 top celebrity makeup artists, to give us their most sworn lipstick hacks and tips that swoop in to save the day. These hacks are celebrity approved and have been tried and tested under various circumstances—be it rain or shine, under camera lighting, catwalk runways, long working hours, these tips are vetted by the best.


“For long lasting wear, use a lip tint instead of crème lipstick and also dab a blotting paper on your lips. This will seal your lip colour. You can also use rice powder which will prevent the lipstick from bleeding and will also make the pigment waterproof.”

Ojas Rajani Lipstick Hack - Luxezine
Sonic Sarwate Makeup Tip


“Lip primers and liners can completely change the lip game. Use a lip pencil that’s darker than the lipstick and blend it inwards with lipstick for well defined lips. Clean up the lip line using angular brush with concealer for lip shape correction. Use lip pencil all over the lips only with lipgloss for long lasting colour. Applying a brighter eyeshadow of the same colour as your lipstick in the centre makes it a powder matte and brighter.”


“Always invest in a variety of lip colours in lip pencils—you can use them to change and make colours impromptu . In terms of application, I would say in order to achieve fuller lips, always line and fill the lips with a lip pencil, line the cupids’ bow just along the natural lip line on the outer part of the line, and then instead of dragging the pencil or lipstick downwards. Work from the outside in, as this creates a softer and rounded fuller looking shape.”

Puneet Saini Lipstick Hack
Tanvi CHEMBURKAR Luxezine


“One hack that I swear by is that I use a lip pencil all over the lip, for whichever colour I’m using. I try to get a lip pencil as close to the lip colour, so that it matches. By using a lip pencil all over, even if a lipstick comes off, you still have a lip pencil layer on the lips throughout the day. 

If you use any lipstick that is slightly glossy and hydrating on the lips and want it to last longer, then apply one coat, dab off the excess with the tissue, then apply another coat. I basically layer up the lipstick so it’ll kind of last longer. Then on the last layer, hold a tissue and dust some loose powder so it kind of makes the lips matte, but it does not dry the lips out. The last tip that I use when I do any bold lip is after the lip liner and the lip colour, I usually take a concealer with a really flat brush and go on the corners of the lips just to define it and make the line very crisp. So this way you get the perfect pout.”


“To create a bitten lip effect, massage a lip balm onto the lips and choose a lip colour in berry or red. With your finger press a sheer layer over the lips. Create a deeper flush of colour in the centre of the lips by pressing and building colour with your fingers.
If you want to create a statement lip, massage a lip balm on to your pout and blot off the excess with a tissue. Line your lips with a complimentary lip liner and fill it in, as well. Apply your lip colour—to extend the wear, make sure to blot it with a tissue, dab with translucent loose powder, and they reapply your lipstick.”

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