How To Buy Perfume Online

Master The Art Of Buying Perfume Online With These 5 Tips

Online shopping comes with a fanbase of its own. Whether it’s shopping for clothes, food, or beauty, a lot of people will admit that it’s an addiction. From browsing to adding to cart to waiting for your order to arrive, it’s quite the journey. A lot of skeptics, however, question the process –– after all, how can you invest in something without experiencing it first-hand, right? This reasoning stands especially true for something as personal as a fragrance –– but that shouldn’t hinder you from buying fragrance online. While shopping for perfumes online can be intimidating, if you’ve got the right knowledge, it can be a breeze. Plus, there is the added advantage of coming across amazing offers and a range of products that are only available online –– for example, at you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice with the variety of gift sets, online deals, and variety of fragrances we have to offer. Still jaded? Here are 5 factors you need to consider when buying fragrances online –– it’ll make shopping for new perfumes a piece of cake.

5 Must-Know Tips for Buying Perfume Online

#1 – Always Check The Authenticity Of The Website & Its Brands

Fragrances don’t come cheap, and therefore it is imperative for you to make sure you are using a trusted e-commerce platform to make your purchase. Every brand of perfume will have an authenticity certificate on its product page –– this ensures that the product you are receiving isn’t a first copy. You can even check out reviews about the website to confirm its authenticity. At we offer an authenticity certificate that ensures that your purchase is 100 percent genuine. We are constantly adding new fragrances, latest launches, newer brands, to our portfolio, allowing for our consumers to experience the crème de la crème from across the globe.

#2 – Know Your Fragrance Families Beforehand

This takes research…and then some more! Prior knowledge of fragrance families and notes, even if it’s basic, really helps you understand the generic scent of the perfume. For example, if it falls in the category of white florals, you know that the fragrance would steer more towards jasmine or tuberorse. Educate yourself on the common fragrance buzzwords, so that you aren’t overwhelmed by the description on the label – our glossary has definitions for any terms you may be confused about. 

5 Must-Know Tips for Buying Perfume Online
5 Must-Know Tips for Buying Perfume Online

#3 – Keep An Eye Out For The Concentration

Concentration levels are everything in a perfume –– eau de parfum and eau de toilette basically define how strong your perfume will be and how long it will last. Is it lightweight or is it strong? Would a spritz be fine or would you need to spray yourself a couple of times for the perfume to take effect? These questions can only be answered via the fragrance oil concentration level in the perfume. 

#4 – Thoroughly Read Product Descriptions & Reviews

Always read the product descriptions of the perfume you’re planning to purchase. These descriptions give you a detailed look into the fragrance, its notes, sillage, and longevity. Take advantage of the world wide web, and read up on reviews –– it’ll give you an idea as to what the fragrance actually smells like and how long it lasts. Keep in mind though, fragrances aren’t one size fits all, so always read the reviews with a pinch of salt.


#5 – The Packaging Is As Important

They say never judge a book by its cover –– fragrance, on the other hand, is an exception to the rule. Pretty both inside and out, the way a fragranced is packaged often points towards its quality. While the scent is top priority, the bottle the juice is housed in does define your purchase decision too.

Shopping online for fragrances shouldn’t scare you away, especially if you’ve got this buying fragrance guide by your side.

TLDR: With the entire world heading out for an online shopping spree, why should you keep your perfume binge buys from missing out? If you find yourself struggling with shopping for a new fragrance online, fret not! Make sure you purchase from a reputable website like and always do your research about the perfumes you want to buy. Keep an eye out for the concentration levels of your perfume so that you can understand its longevity and intensity. Purchasing a fragrance online isn’t all that daunting –– especially if you’ve done your homework prior.