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6 Beauty Editors Share Their Bridal Trousseau Fragrance Picks

There’s no denying that fragrances have the power to evoke and trigger memories, therefore what you choose to wear on your wedding day (and the events leading up to it) is quite essential. Think of it as a time capsule for years to come—one whiff of it in the future and you’re transported to the whirlwind of emotions and happy moments that came along with your big day. Your bridal fragrance plays an equally important role in your wedding as your outfits, hair, and makeup, and for that very reason it shouldn’t be one that’s spritzed on without any thought and emotion. 

Bold musks, elegant florals, refreshing fruity fragrances, and everything in between, there are options galore for every type of bride out there. To narrow down the hunt for you, we caught up with the industry’s best beauty editors who gave us a lowdown on their personal bridal trousseau fragrances, what made them the perfect choice, and what they’d recommend for brides-to-be.

Gucci Bloom - Bridal Fragrances India

Hena Desai, Consultant Beauty Editor

“Fragrances are great memory triggers and therefore choosing the right scent for special occasions is so important! My wedding is less than a month away, and I’ve picked Gucci Bloom as my signature scent for the day. I’ve worn it many times over the years—it’s been a part of many happy occasions and its fresh, floral notes are almost comforting to me now. My mum also loves and wears this often, so it’s my small way of keeping her warmth close to me. 

Another favourite is the Twilly d’Hermes- this is a softer floral scent with jasmine as the hero. It is a perfect airy option for day functions.  If you’re into something more heady, Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl could work well for you—it’s so long-lasting and makes for the perfect evening fragrance – something you can consider for your cocktail or sangeet parties.”

Aparrna Gupta, Consultant Beauty Editor & Founder, Lavenderoom

“Burberry Her was part of my bridal trousseau. However, if I were to create it today I will curate a stellar capsule wardrobe. But, always with a touch of glam. First category will be for casual lunches or just stepping out.

For this I will choose an easy going perfume like English Pear And Freesia from Jo Malone London or something with soft floral and very mild fruity and woody hints. Think of it like a pair of well fitted but comfy jeans that you can wear anywhere anytime. Second, will be when I want to make a good impression. Meeting the family or what I call the interview scent. It’s a perfect balance of presence and pleasant. I want you to compliment me, but not clog your senses. For this, I would go for floral scents with strong woody notes—I prefer roses, like Chopard Love or Ajmal Amber Wood—Myrrh is also a good ingredient to watch out for. 

Third category will be for intimate time with my partner, where I want him to smell nothing but me. This is also the date scent category where you don’t want to make an impression but command attention. Oudhy notes with rose are my go to here. Think Jo Malone’s Velvet Rose & Oudh or Ajmal’s Rose Wood. The fourth pillar for me will be trendy. Like right now Burberry Goddess is what is seen everywhere. At one time it was Carolina Herrera Good Girl. Go in for the hype for a reason.”

Perfume for women - Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau De Parfum- Women's Fragrance
Tom Ford -

Sukriti Shahi, Beauty & Health Editor, ELLE India

“I’m irrevocably in love with intense scents; sweet-smelling, floral scents don’t make a cut for me. So, for my trousseau, even though I included more than two fragrances, my first choice was Tom Ford Ombré Leather. Intense, long-lasting and a classic, it’s been my constant for years. The fact that it suits every mood and easily goes from refreshing day fragrance to an alluring night scent makes it my favourite pick. Deep leather notes and woody undertones—what’s not to love about this. Though it has a fairly high price point, it’s an investment for the bridal trousseau.”\

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Sanjana Salunkhe-Menezes, Consultant Beauty Editor

“My wedding was overall a mix of both traditions. My rituals started with mehendi which was at home with my family. I wanted something light and breezy, and since it was an intimate affair I chose Chloe’s Signature EDP. We then had our court marriage which happened over lunch for which I wore Coach’s Floral EDP—it was a wedding gift from my sister. Since I was wearing a floral saree and it was a day event, I wanted the scent to complement the vibe and my outfit, and this fragrance was the best choice. Finally, for the reception I wanted a scent that stayed longer and Hermes’ Twilly D’Hermes fit perfectly. It smells so good and the fragrance lingers for the longest time.” 

Coach Floral EDP - Wedding Fragrance India
Best Womens Fragrance India - Gucci Guilty - Parcos Luxezine

Karen A. Kotikalapudi, Beauty Editor, FEMINA India

“I wore Gucci Guilty for my wedding. Many women go in for florals and romantic perfumes, but I went in for something that makes me smell sexy, was long lasting and had the perfect wear time from day to night.”

Hasina Khatib, Consultant Beauty Editor

“There are many boxes that a bridal fragrance must tick—a bold bouquet of notes, longevity, and sillage—and Givenchy L’Interdit was a winner for me. The fact that it comes in a travel-sized vial that can be easily stashed in your clutch for quick touch-ups in between ceremonies is another bonus. For daytime festivities, a dash of Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl always fetches me compliments wherever I go.”

Very Good Girl - Bride Fragrance India