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6 Diwali Makeup Trends To Ring In The Festival Of Lights

The festival of lights, colour, and all things bright is just around the corner—this entails bringing out your best, whether it’s outfits or makeup, especially when you have a whole bunch of dinners, gatherings, and Pujas lined out. While you might have your outfits figured out for each event, when you’re strapped for time your makeup looks tend to receive the brunt of it, resulting in repetition of safe and basic looks. Well, we’ve got you covered! Ahead of Diwali 2023, we have curated some of the coolest, most interesting, and varying makeup trends that you can sport during this season’s festivities. The best part? They can be played up or toned down to suit your mood and vibe. 

Diwali Makeup Trend #1: Breathable Skin

Remember a time when we’d pack on our base intensely to create that heavy makeup look? Well, thankfully, we’ve left that behind in the past. Keeping with the 2023 trend of letting skin look like skin, wearing a light to medium coverage base is the way forward for Diwali this year. Opt for concealers, foundations, or skin tints that will help even out your skin tone and hide blemishes, while making your skin look natural and not caked-on. This way you can also get creative with your eyes and lips, without looking too overdone and dramatic too. Plus, a lot of base products come with nourishing skin-loving ingredients—this way the formula helps treat your skin, while leaving it with a festive glow.

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Diwali Makeup Trends 2023 - Luxezine
Diwali Makeup Trends 2023

Diwali Makeup Trend #2: Go For Glitter

The festival of lights won’t be complete without a hint (or a whole lot) of glitter! Shimmery shades of gold and silver, can be paired with brighter hues of blues, purples, and pinks, to create a dazzling smokey eye. If you do want to play it down, however, feel free to go monotone with one hue that is packed with shimmer. You can opt for a subtle gold or silver eyeshadow that can be swept across your eyelids and tied in with a volumising mascara and defining kajal. If you want to get creative and edgy, recommend going for this season’s hottest Barbiecore pink in a glittery hue of your choice. Feel free to tap in some glitter eyeshadow on your brow bones and on to your cheeks around your blush area to enhance your makeup look and give it that touch of dramatic glam. Let’s just agree that glitter is hand’s down the perfect makeup statement to make this Diwali.

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Diwali Makeup Trend #3: Heavy On The Blush

Blushes have been a makeup staple for years now, however, its extreme and enduring popularity in 2023 makes it the perfect Diwali go-to too! From liquid to cream to powder to sticks, 2023 has seen several formulations of this one product take over our lives and we’re not complaining. Even if you choose to go with the most basic makeup look this festive season, adding that flush of colour on your face with your blush will elevate your vibe and how! Whether you choose to stick to the apples of your cheeks or want to go all out by draping your blush, that intense pop of pink, red, or peach, is sure to add a fresh touch to your look.

Tip: The ‘matchy-matchy’ trend is ruling 2023, so why not swipe some blush on your lids, cheeks, and a touch of it to your pout too? Feel free to top off your blush with a hint of shimmer, with a highlighter focused on the highpoints of your face.

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Diwali Makeup Trends 2023 - Luxezine
Diwali Makeup Trend 2023 - Luxezine

Diwali Makeup Trend #4: Glossy Highlights

Another makeup trend synonymous with Diwali, is adding a shimmery highlight to your face. Which is definitely an interesting way to elevate your festive look. But, how about doing it differently this time around? Give your face that dewy glow by priming your skin with an illuminating primer. This will provide your skin with a healthy shine that looks more natural and less chunky. If you do want to elevate the shine, however, feel free to top off your highpoints with a light touch of shimmering highlighter. Just a smidge blended on areas like your cheekbones, brow bones, cupid’s bow, and the tip of your nose, is enough to add that pop of shine without looking too over-the-top. 

Tip: If you want to skip the shimmer, top off your foundation with a hint of illuminating primer especially on your cheekbones and brow bones. Tap it so that it blends well without lifting your foundation–this will create that natural balmy highlight effect, without the glittery shimmer. 

Diego Dalla Palma Milano Makeupstudio Face Perfector Primer Lifting Effect

Diwali Makeup Trend #5: Blurry Pout

A bold red or pink lip is often a go-to during the festivities, and we don’t plan on taking that away from anyone. This year, however, give your Diwali pout that K-beauty touch by opting for the blurry pout trend. This makeup trend lends a pop of colour to your look, while not looking too jarring or dramatic. The naturally diffused edges with an intense hue focused on the centre of the lips is a great way to amp up your basic pout and make it trendy and fun.

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Diwali Makeup

Diwali Makeup Trend #6: Coloured Liners

We all love a dramatic wing or sharp cat eye, but how about doing things a tad differently this season? Swap out your boring and basic blacks for hues that are bright and eye-catching. Opt for hues of blues, greens, and even golds and silvers, that’ll add a playfully whimsical and creative element to your entire Diwali look. You can even feel free to match it to your ensemble, provided you aren’t going too all out with your eyeshadow or lipstick. The point of this trend is to tap into your creative side and have fun with colours—instead of sticking to one shape, try going graphic to give it that edgy touch.

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