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A Guide To Finding The Perfect Summer Fragrance

The best summer fragrance has the ability to instantly transport you from your dull workstation to the breezy beaches of Corsica or the blooming gardens of Florence in a single spritz. Think of them as a vacation packed in a bottle. While you may continue to hold a candle for your signature scent (and we’re not blowing out the flame on that one), a summer fragrance is reminiscent of holidays past –– making it perfect for the season –– whether you choose to vicariously live through memories or jet-set-go about your holiday.

Switching up your wardrobe or skincare to beat the heat is a no-brainer, so why not switch up your signature fragrance too? Although fragrances are a very personal choice (and finding ‘the one’ can be quite the quest), you shouldn’t restrict yourself –– considering there’s a lot to choose from. From fresh to floral, fruity to woody, here’s the ultimate guide to choosing the best summer fragrances –– it’ll be love at first spritz.

How To Choose The Perfect Summer Fragrance

Summer Fragrance - Kate Spade EDP - Parcos Luxezine

1. Tropical Notes Work

Don’t ignore the sweeter more tropical notes when choosing your summer fragrance. Scents containing hints of vanilla tonka bean, coconut, pineapple, or berries are associated with holidays or summer vacations, and therefore also fit in really well with the season.

Kate Spade EDP

2. Warmth Is Key

Summer entails a warm and relaxing holiday, therefore always choose fragrances that are rejuvenating, refreshing, and work as great mood lifters. A popular choice lies within the citrus fragrance family –– scents embraced by the sweet smell of satsuma, grapefruit, or orange, are great summer fragrance options. When looking at the best summer fragrances for men, think fresh and breezy. Woody base notes that settle into a zesty scent is what you need to be looking for.

Missoni Wave Eau De Toilette

Summer Fragrance - Missoni Wave Eau De Toilette - Parcos Luxezine
Summer Fragrance - Gucci Flora Eau De Toilette For Her - Parcos Luxezine

3. Go Light

Shedding layers over the summer is totally normal –– you toss away heavy coats, retire thick and rich moisturising creams, so why would you want your fragrance to weigh you down? Summer fragrances need to be light and shouldn’t be too overpowering. Remember, thanks to the heat and humidity they tend to evaporate faster. Therefore, it’s best to go for simpler notes like jasmine or green apple that won’t feel too heavy on your skin.

Gucci Flora Eau De Toilette For Her

4. EDP VS EDT: When To Wear Them

When picking a summer fragrance, it is imperative to know how to make the most of the concentrations. An EDT (Eau De Toilette) works better for the summer as the concentration of fragrance oil is lower. EDP (Eau De Parfum), on the other hand, is quite concentrated and therefore can be very heavy when the temperatures are rising.

Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey EDT

Summer Fragrance - Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey EDT - Parcos Luxezine
Summer Fragrance - Paco Rabanne Olympea Eau de Parfum 80ml with Body Lotion 100ml -Parcos Luxezine

5. Pair With Skincare

If you want your summer fragrance to linger on a little longer, feel free to pair it with a body wash or lotion from the same range. This’ll increase the longevity of the fragrance.

Paco Rabanne Olympea Eau de Parfum 80ml with Body Lotion 100ml

6. Go Down Memory Lane

Did you know that your sense of smell can trigger memories? When choosing a fragrance for the summer, tap into your past and understand what kind of scents send you walking down memory lane. There’s no set formula for this and it can vary from the sweet smell of a coconut to the invigorating whiff of sea breeze. Happy memories make for great fragrances, so think (and sniff) hard.

Coach Eau De Toilette For Women

Summer Fragrance - Coach Eau De Toilette For Women - Parcos Luxezine
Aqua Kenzo Pour Femme Eau De Toilette - Parcos Luxezine

7. Layer…Only When Necessary

There’s no hard and fast rule that says you shouldn’t layer during the summers. You need to, however, be mindful about what you’re layering with. Pair your olfactory families with thought –– fresh and floral, or citrus and spicy or notes work well together.

Aqua Kenzo Pour Femme Eau De Toilette

8. Keep PM Fragrances Separate

While lighter notes suit the summer weather a little better, you aren’t just limited to those. Summer fragrances extend to musky, spicy, and gourmand scents too. If the weather is scorching and can hinder the outcome of your perfume, reserve notes such as musk and sandalwood for the evening.
Furla Favolosa Eau De Parfum

Furla Favolosa Eau De Parfum - Parcos Luxezine
Blauer Fragrances- Parcos-Luxezine

9. Let It Settle

Testing out a fragrance? Spritz it on your wrist and wait for it to settle down. You will be able to smell the notes transition from top to middle to base. Sometimes, you may not associate with the top notes, but may love the base notes it settles into.