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Alexandre J’s Global Brand Director Amelie Jabban On Breaking The Boundaries Of Niche Fragrances

Fragrances are rarely about the destination. They are always more about the journey—and Alexandre J is the perfect example of this. A family run business that started its journey in 2012 by its namesake, this niche perfumery label is all about the detail. Known for its surprising, unexpected, and offbeat accords, Alexandre J is a beautiful amalgamation of sensuality, art, and passion. Purely focused on highly concentrated Eau de Parfum, this niche fragrance label uses raw materials that are sourced from across the globe—and the combination of these notes is what truly sets this niche fragrance brand apart.  

Inspired by founder Alexandre’s hometown, travels, and love for art and creativity, each fragrance comes packed with a story that’s surprising and comforting at the same time. His vision offers a palette of olfactories that are a treat to the senses. Luxurious and opulent in every way possible, an Alexandre J perfume narrates a story that’s difficult to walk away from—a story that begins the moment you lay eyes on the glass bottle, moving into how delicate and intricate the bottle feels to the touch, finally ending with each and every note embracing you with warm and open arms. From the concoction of notes to the way it’s presented in a handcrafted glass bottle, everything about Alexandre J’s fragrances is about intricacy—creating a journey that is unforgettable.

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Once Upon A Time

“I would say that the last 12 years have been a family adventure,” laughs Amelie Jabban, Global Brand Director, Alexandre J. Starting her journey with fragrances over 20 years ago, Jabban says her association with the brand isn’t like any other—rather it’s a family business. “I have grown up in the perfume industry. I had done my studies abroad and had also started working for a big American company. In 2012, I was offered a chance to come back to Paris and create the brand, building everything from scratch.”


Witnessing the brand’s evolution from the very start, Jabban was a part of Alexandre J even before it was christened after the designer. Witnessing the brand’s evolution from the very start, Jabban was part of Alexandre J even before it was christened. “Almost 11 years later and a few more white hair strands, I am still here,” she laughs. Calling it a pleasant long journey, Jabban recalls her time back at the very start of the brand, which proved to be quite challenging. In 2010-2011, the world wasn’t open to distribution, unless it was a commercial label and according to her, the Middle East and Europe were the only few places that were familiar with the distribution of niche fragrances. It was a patient wait, but a fruitful one. Starting off with the Middle East, today Alexandre J distributes in over 85 countries, present in the top department stores across the world. The biggest achievement for the brand? Its recognition as one of the biggest niche fragrance labels across the globe—and Jabban plans to establish and continue this visibility for the brand worldwide.

The Inspiration

Pick up an Alexandre J fragrance, and you’ll notice a rather interesting and unique blend of notes—notes that you wouldn’t expect coming together. The bottle too, isn’t one you can ignore. The craftsmanship and design narrates the same story the notes set out to, making the entire experience a complete sensorial package. When asked what inspires the creativity for the perfumes, Jabban states that passion is what drives them to truly innovate themselves. “When you are addicted or obsessed by something, every five minutes there is new creativity,” she explains. Drawing inspiration from art, history, travel, as well his own life and cultural background, each Alexandre J fragrance is unique in its own way.

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The glass bottles within each of the collections too have all been designed by artists. “Every single bottle that you see is well-researched,” says Jabban. Whether it’s The Collector, Art Noveau, or Art Deco collection, you’ll find that each bottle is a reflection of not only the range, but also the fragrance within the range. Inspired by a mix of the Oriental desert and French Baroque architecture, The Collector is an amalgamation of art and culture. Housed in an aluminium bottle, each perfume from this range comes in a metallic hue similar to that of its main notes. The gold detailing adds the luxe factor to the entire experience.

The Art Deco collection, on the other hand, is a celebration of the 1920s with a touch of modernity. The design of the bottles emulate the grandeur that will remind you of something out of The Great Gatsby. Moving on to the Art Nouveau collection, this range is inspired by nature, which is evident in the way the perfumes present themselves. The motifs on the bottles pay homage to the period, and have even been hand-painted beautifully in fine gold. 

“Everything is handmade,” says Jabban proudly. “Even the bottle is all hand polished and you can tell because the bottom of the bottom is sharp to the touch. Most perfume bottles are automatically produced. At Alexandre J there is no automatic production. It’s all done by hand”.

Alexandre J & The Indian Market

So what drew Alexandre J to the Indian audience? “I think Indians have a mix of cultures. They love the different scents available—they love oriental scents and incense. They also love highly concentrated fragrances. Secondly, India is also a colourful country. People have a sense of luxury—they travel, they know what they want, they love to experience international trends,” says Jabban. That’s where Alexandre J fits in, as the brand caters to what the Indian audience is looking for.

When asked which fragrance is best suited for the Indian audience and the tropical climate it brings along, Jabban confidently says that at Alexandre J, there’s a perfume for everyone. “Our olfactory balance is extremely large, which means that there’s a perfume for everyone who will enter the shop. We tackle every single olfactory family—we have fresh scents, concentrated scents.” According to her, it’s not only about the weather! “It’s about who you want to be and what identity or effective identity you want to wear.”  

“We are all dressed in a certain way today, but is it who we are? We try to fit to some standards at some point, whereas with a perfume we don’t fit to any standards—it isn’t visible and only if someone gets close, will they know. So when we are selling a fragrance, we’re selling people their secret identity. We help people be who they want to be.”

What sets this fragrance brand apart? Other than its exquisite fragrances and attention to detail, Jabban believes that it continues to be a family-based company even today. “What you need to understand is that most of the niche fragrances right now have been purchased by a group,” she explains. “We are still family run. We own the brand 100 per cent. Without any shoulders, without the support of anyone, we are achieving our goals and it’s something I value a lot.”

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Alexandre J’s identity is noteworthy. The diversity they bring to the table is phenomenal—and while the perfumes speak volumes, the packaging too follows suit, making it a gifting destination for many. In the minimalistic world of niche fragrances, Alexandre J challenges the simplistic notion by bringing a vast palette that is comforting yet new in the most exquisite and extravagant way possible.


An avid fragrance enthusiast and a skincare and makeup hoarder, Tatiana turned her love for beauty into a career. With 7 years of industry experience, she has worked with publications such as Vogue India, Elle India, Femina, and currently contributes to various digital platforms and magazines too.