Floral Fragrances

The floral family is one of the most popular fragrance families in the world of perfumery. This family is centered around the scent of flowers, which range from light and delicate to rich and powerful. Some of the most popular floral scents include rose, jasmine, lavender, and violet.

Floral fragrances are usually classified as either soliflores or bouquets. Soliflores are perfumes that are focused on the scent of a single flower, while bouquets are a combination of different floral scents. Within the floral family, there are also different sub-families, such as the white floral family, which has note sof white flowers like jasmine, tuberose, and gardenia. The green floral family is another sub-family, which is characterized by the scent of freshly cut green stems and leaves, and often includes scents like lily of the valley, hyacinth, and violet leaf.

Floral fragrances are versatile and can be worn in a variety of settings, making them a popular choice for everyday wear, as well as for special occasions. When selecting a floral fragrance, it is important to consider the concentration of the perfume, as well as the combination of floral scents that make up the perfume. Floral fragrances can range from light and airy to rich and complex, so it is important to choose a scent that matches your personal preferences and style.

Some floral fragrances to check out:

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