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How To Ace Laura Mercier’s Four-Step Routine To A Flawless Face

Acing your base should never entail layering a plethora of products—and Laura Mercier seems to think the same. After moving from France to the US, the celebrity makeup artist noticed women layering their makeup to create a base that wasn’t the least flawless. On the contrary, it looked cakey and heavy. Making it her mission to introduce the world to the perfectly seamless base, Laura Mercier created a brand that has launched countless iconic products. Mercier has also coined the ‘flawless face’ routine, a four-step regime that involves minimal products to create that soft-focus, no-makeup makeup, that enhances your features and skin tone, rather than hiding it under layers of makeup.

So what does it take to ace the flawless face routine? Mercier breaks it down for you.

Laura Mercier Primer

Flawless Face Step 1: PRIME

No matter what your makeup look is, priming your skin is an important first step to achieving a seamless base. Opt for a primer that contains skin-loving ingredients that hydrate the skin, without making it appear greasy or oily. Make sure to also prime your lids, especially if you are planning to apply eyeshadow or even a simple eyeliner. Wait for a few minutes for the primer to set and then move on to step number two.

Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer

Start your flawless face routine with this smoothing primer that helps set the canvas for your makeup. With long-lasting wear, this primer keeps your makeup in place for the entire day. Enriched with ingredients like green tea extract and vitamin C, the formula helps brighten, soothe, and evens out your skin tone, so that with time your skin appears healthier and radiant.

Flawless Face Step 2: COVER

Foundation is often used as a means to cover the entire face, however, Laura believes that one should look at it from a different perspective. Instead of dousing your skin with a thick layer of foundation, simply use the formula to enhance your skin instead of covering it. Now, there are multiple ways in which one can apply their foundation—and here are some ways Mercier recommends using it to create that flawless.

Tip #1: If you’re using a brush to create that seamless effect, finish off the application by gently pressing the foundation into your skin with the palms of your hand. The warmth helps blend the formula even further resulting in a flawlesss finish.

Tip #2: If you’re using a blender or sponge, dampen your sponge for a sheer coverage or use it dry for a full coverage.

Tip #3: Using your fingers? Press the foundation into your skin by starting from the outside and work the product inwards. Finish off by pressing your palms onto your skin to create that flawless base.

Laura Mercier Real Flawless Weightless Perfecting Foundation

A lightweight, waterproof foundation that lasts all day long, this one comes with a formula that feels like second skin. With a buildable coverage and 12 hours of fade-proof wear, it leaves you with a cake-free effect that instantly hydrates the skin, while reducing shine all day.

Laura Mercier Flawless Lumiere Foundation

Looking for that she ‘glows from within’ look? This hydrating, radiant foundation leaves your skin with an instant luminosity that wears comfortably all through the day. Its soft effect blurs away imperfections and is breathable on the skin too. Enriched with super clear crystal pearl and silver ear mushroom extract, this one keeps skin visibly smooth and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Flawless Face

Flawless Face Step 3: CAMOUFLAGE

Concealer is important when recreating the flawless face effect at home, as it helps cover blemishes, imperfections, and evens out your skin tone even further. Go for a lightweight formula that glides across the skin and can blend seamlessly to create the desired effect. Always start small, and then build up the coverage—this prevents you from going overboard.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

One of the brand’s most iconic products, this two-palette concealer comes with a full coverage formula that leaves skin looking natural and flawless. Highly pigmented, it has the ability to retouch imperfections in the first swipe itself. The two-shade combination allows you to mix and match the colours, to create one that matches your skin tone perfectly. 

Flawless Face Step 4: SET

Finally, finish off your flawless face with a setting powder that keeps your makeup in place, while adding a natural glow. Dip your puff into the powder and gently massage it into the applicator till it disappears. Gently dab and roll the puff into your skin.

Laura Mercier Transluscent Loose Setting Powder

Laura Mercier isn’t complete without this cult Transluscent Setting Powder! The finely milled powder delivers lightweight and comfortable wear, while delivering long-lasting results that make skin look and feel soft, smooth, and flawless. The formula helps reduce shine, provides a 16 hour soft matte finish, reduces texture, and makes you look absolutely flawless, even in photos! It’s the perfect seal for your flawless face routine.

#PROTIP: Laura Mercier goes by the saying ‘less is more’, especially when it comes to achieving the flawless face. Believing that skin should look like skin, she recommends starting with a small amount of product and then building it up when necessary.

Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder