Looking For A Long Lasting Fragrance? 10 Ways To Make Your Fragrance Linger On For Longer

The power of a fragrance should never be underestimated! Your sense of smell has the ability to do more than what meets the eye, and therefore is one of the strongest when it comes to triggering memories and leaving an impression that will last a lifetime. And who wouldn’t want to have that effect on people all day long, right? Unfortunately, thanks to incorrect application or poor storage, even the most expensive and potent perfumes tend to dissipate after a few hours of wear. Although perfumes are often formulated with preservatives and stabilizers that increase its shelf and wear life, sometimes you need to go the extra mile to protect its integrity, make it last a little longer, and get your money’s worth from each spritz. Here are 10 ways to help you turn any fragrance into a long lasting fragrance!

#1 – Moisturise Before Application

Prepping your skin is absolutely essential, even when applying perfume. Make sure you hydrate and moisturise your skin, especially the areas your fragrance is going to touch. You can even apply a little petroleum jelly on those points, before you layer it with your perfume. The balmy texture of the jelly moisturises the skin and locks-in the scent for a long lasting fragrance. 

#2 – Spritz Right After A Shower

Spray your perfume right after shower, the moment you dry off! This works especially well for those who aren’t comfortable with applying moisturiser before spritzing some perfume.

#3 – Apply Only On Your Pulse Points

Your perfume reacts to the heat of your body, and therefore when you apply it to your pulse points it allows the scent to linger on through the day. Spritz your fragrance on the nape of your neck, elbow folds, wrists, and back of your knees. You can even add a little extra moisturiser to these points. Avoid rubbing the fragrance into your skin post application, as this’ll reduce its longevity.

#4 – Layer ‘Em Away

Pair your signature scent with a similar fragranced body lotion or shower gel. This intensifies the fragrance and makes it last a little longer through the day.

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#5 – Store Your Perfume Correctly

While storing your bottles out in the open may seem tempting thanks to how beautiful they look, it can actually tamper with the intensity. If you want your fragrance to last long, it’s important to store the bottle away from direct sunlight. Secondly, do not leave your perfume in your bathroom cabinet either—the moisture and temperature fluctuations in the air causes molecular changes in the formulation, impacting both colour and smell of the fragrance.

#6 – Perfume Oils Come In Handy

Take it to the next level with perfume oils, as they are far more concentrated than sprays. You can focus these oils on your pulse points, which’ll immediately react to  your body heat and disperse the fragrance. Most perfume oils come formulated with carrier oils like coconut or almond, which also help hydrate the skin which make for a long lasting fragrance.

#7 – Add A Little To Your Lotion

Have a little perfume left in the bottle? Add it to an unscented or mildly scented body lotion. Once again, apply this post a shower as it’ll help soak the fragrance into your skin, and keep the scent in tact for longer.

#8 – Invest In Minis

If you feel like your perfume is running out of juice throughout the day, then keep a handbag fragrance handy. Minis make for great purse-friendly perfumes that can be topped up all through the day and won’t take up much space in your bag. You can even top up your daytime EDP with an evening perfect EDT. 

#9 – Eau De Parfum Over Eau De Toilette

Fragrances come in different concentration levels. Eau De Parfum (EDP) is considered one of the most concentrated formulations when it comes to its fragrance oils. The more the oils, the more potent the scent and the longer its wear time.

#10 – Spritz On Bare Skin

Always spray your perfume on bare skin, rather than on clothing. Fragrances smell a lot better when they get skin contact and react to your body’s natural pH levels and oils. This allows it to last a lot longer too.

Shop the best perfumes and let your signature scent linger, no matter where you go. The key is to apply it in ways that’ll make every drop count. Following these tips and tricks will make all the best perfumes even better.

TLDR: Want to make the most out of your perfume? Here’s everything you need to know about making it last longer. Other than investing in handbag minis, you can always layer your perfume with lotion or shower gels to intensify the scent and the perfume’s lasting power. Opt for an EDP over an EDT and always spray it directly on your skin –– this ensures that the fragrance emits from your body and not just your clothes. Let your fragrance linger on by making these tiny changes to the way you wear your perfume.