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#NewAtParcos: Coach Love

Meet the OG American house of leather, COACH. Founded in 1941 in Manhattan, New York City, the luxury label started its journey as a family-run workshop that hosted only a few leather artisans. The idea was to create quintessentially American leather goods, ranging from wallets and purses that were inspired by the softness of a baseball glove. Eventually, the label expanded its expertise to women’s accessories, resulting in the iconic COACH handbags the world has grown to love today.

After becoming a household fashion name in the world of luxury, COACH finally forayed into fragrances with its Eau De Parfum. Inspired by the modern and luxurious downtown New York City, the perfume was vibrant and free-sprited. It encapsulated the vibe of the city beautifully through its sparkling and cool notes that left you reaching for more. Keeping the NYC spirit in mind, COACH’s latest addition sparks the same emotion—but, this one will have you swooning away. Inspired by love and the feeling of being in love, COACH Love is all about the heady rush of romance that envelopes you with a fruity floral embrace the scent instantly strikes a chord in your heart and narrates a love story that is worth remembering.

Floral Fruity Fragrance - Coach Love - India

The Story

A true celebration of romance, COACH Love pays homage to the feelings that come along with being in love. Created by perfumer Antoine Maisondieu, the fragrance plays with the idea that love is contradictory—it is a universal language spoken by many, however, the story it tells is unique to every individual.

Maisondieu wanted to encapsulate the journey of romance through notes that create a personal story. The fragrance is reminiscent of the different facets of love—it’s inspired by the many ways we choose to express love and the different avenues we choose to showcase it. As Maisondieu mentions, COACH Love is a tribute to this beautiful universal language that knows no bounds.

The Packaging

Embodying the spirit of COACH and what it represents, the perfume is housed in the brand’s iconic flacon glass bottle—but this time, it is a striking red that can’t be missed. It has the signature gold turn lock (similar to the clasp on the label’s popular bags) and the embossed COACH logo that represents the Central Park Pram, New York City is synonymously known for. Around the neck of the bottle you’ll find a leather tag, just like its predecessors—Love however, hosts a metal heart pendant, a perfect representation of the fragrance’s sentiments.

Coach Love - Parcos
Coach Love Perfume - Luxezine

The Notes

A fruity floral burst of romance, COACH Love opens up to top notes of wild strawberry, juicy mandarin, and tangy and spicy pink pepper leaves. An invigorating start to the scent, eventually the heart of the fragrance embraces your senses when floral notes of red rose, Indian sambac jasmine, and osmanthus flower blend into the mix. Eventually, the scent dries down to a warm and cosy cedarwood and grey amber, giving the fruity floral fragrance an intensity that balances out the floral sweetness.

What’s The Hype

Love, being a universal language, is a deeply understood emotion  across the globe. It is simple yet complex and this dynamic explicitly comes through the notes of COACH Love. The fruity floral fragrance is a playful and vibrant take on the label’s original scent, however, this one treads on the loving romantic memories—it encapsulates the flirtiness, charm, and that ‘head over heels’ feeling that one experiences. Managing to strike that right kind of balance between the olfactories, COACH Love is a happy scent that bursts into a floral and fruity accords, eventually giving you a unique sillage that isn’t too overbearing. It retains its charm all through the wear and almost like that warm embrace from a loved one, COACH Love too leaves you with that cosy, fuzzy feeling that only brings a smile to your face. 

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