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Gucci Bloom Intense Perfume

#NewAtParcos: Gucci Bloom Intense

Walk through the blooming garden of Gucci and you’ll find yourself immersed in florals like never before. Each fragrance in the Gucci Bloom collection is synonymous with different renditions of your favourite flowers, which embrace your senses from the first whiff itself. The new Gucci Bloom Intense Eau de Parfum Intense takes the journey up a few, nay, many notches. What makes it unique? Read on to find out more.

The Story

Introduced in 2017 by creative director Alessandro Michele and master perfumer Alberto Morillas, the iconic and original Gucci Bloom was designed keeping every kind of woman in mind. The fragrance’s complexities were laced in notes that encapsulated diversity, along with the modern female energy. Across all the fragrances in the Gucci Bloom family, you’ll find that one element stays constant—and that is their ability to strike a balance between romance and power, each having a different story to narrate. Inspired by the plethora of flowers and plants found in a blooming garden, the collection represents the various facets of modern women—vibrant, powerful, feminine, energetic, delicate, and everything in between. 

Likewise, Gucci Bloom Intense pays homage to the blossoming range of flowers captivated in the moonlight. The iconic notes come together to form an intense floral fragrance that is magnetic and lively, yet elegant and dainty. It inspires women to tap into their creativity, unleash their free spirit, and ‘bloom’ into the most authentic version of themselves.

Gucci Bloom New 2023

The Notes

A classic floral fragrance, Gucci Bloom EDPI opens up to its top notes of radiant and refreshing orange blossom absolute. At the heart of the fragrance you’ll find notes of jasmine sambac and tuberose instantly blend into notes of Lady of the Night, which immediately heightens that floral essence. Fun fact: Lady of the Night is actually a night-blooming flower, something that fits in poetically with the magnetic force of moonlight the fragrance takes inspiration from. Finally, the base notes of patchouli essence, coconut, and crystal moss accord come together to give this floral scent a sensual, deeper, and more intense sillage.

The Packaging

Continuing with the ‘Bloom’ legacy of an opaque rectangular bottle, Gucci Bloom EDPI is also packaged similar to its predecessors. The idea behind the iconic bottle was to represent its floral fragrance family, while keeping the packaging very youthful and millennial friendly. While the original bottle is a pretty vintage powder pink hue, Gucci Bloom EDPI retains the ‘intense’ luxurious essence of the fragrance via a black bottle that represents the intensity of the full moon eclipse. The outer packaging features the brand’s iconic red Toile de Jouy Herbarium print, which symbolises the night-blooming florals present in the garden of Gucci Bloom EDPI.

Gucci Bloom EDPI

What’s The Hype

This fragrance makes for the perfect go-to for those looking to add a whole lot of intensity to their fragrance wardrobe. Its floral notes bring together femininity and grace, but with an element of sensuality and power. Gucci Bloom EDPI finds comfort in contrasting notes—on the one hand you’re greeted with sparkling and energetic bursts of orange blossom absolute, only to find yourself slowly slip into the enigmatically floral embrace of tuberose, jasmine sambac, and of course, Lady of the Night. The fragrance ends on a mysterious and sensual note, making it a right choice for your formal evening wear.

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