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Makeup products

Luxury finds a new home at Parcos. Shop for make-up products from some of the top global luxury brands. Whatever your skin type, we have a host of shades and textures to choose from. With category-wise filters and a detailed navigation menu, exploring and shopping for makeup items has never been so delightful!

Buy Make Up Online on Parcos

Parcos offers high-quality make-up products from international luxury brands. You can shop for both women’s and unisex products. Enjoy lightweight products with a flawless and natural finish. Prefer organic options? Shop for products with plant-based ingredients.

Our customer-friendly policies make it even more pleasing to shop with us. We offer simple payment options as well as easy exchange, return, and cancellation. Get exquisite makeup delivered to your doorstep, with free and fast shipping.

Make-Up Brands Available Online on Parcos

Make-up products from global brands like Clarins, Sisley and Shiseido have become the go-to options for the look you desire. Whether you wish to sport a celeb makeup style or want something that’s subtle and elegant, you’re sure to find it here. Sort the products by “Bestsellers” to view the most popular ones or pick your own style to become a trendsetter.

What to Look for While Buying Make-Up Online

Check the description and specifications of the make-up product. The most common things to look for are skin type, product colour and expiry date.

When buying a primer, look for a lightweight formula. Consider your skin type to choose a suitable product. When buying a foundation, choose from light, medium or full coverage. A light coverage formula evens the skin in a subtle way. A medium coverage evens the skin to an extent and maintains a natural finish, while being buildable. Full coverage can make the skin look completely even toned. If you prefer organic products, look for plant-based micro-patch extracts. Spend long hours in the sun? A self-refreshing foundation is a way to go. Choose a shade suited to your skin tone and undertone by checking the colour and shade names.

When shopping for a concealer, check whether it's long-wear, offers medium-to-full coverage and works well to hide dark circles, redness and spots. It’s a great idea to opt for one that’s sweat-proof and transfer-proof.

Under blushes, explore semi-solid blushes and cheek powders. As per your desired finish, you can look at matte or shimmery options. When shopping for powder blushes, it’s best to select featherweight and long-lasting options. Look for popular colours like pink, peach, tan and rose as per your skin's undertone. Pink and rose can suit someone with a cool undertone, peach with a warm undertone and tan with a neutral undertone.

Now, let's talk about eye makeup products. When it comes to liquid eyeliners, you can choose one with an ergonomic-designed micro-fine arched tip for precision and have a quick-dry formula. How about a multi-purpose eye make-up product? Yes, you can find this too. There are options that double up as a kajal, liner, brow colour and eyeshadow! What’s more, you can choose one that’s weightless and 24-hour waterproof.

Don't forget your lips when you buy premium makeup products. Treat your lips to a superior quality balm. For hydrating and softening them, look for organic lip comfort oils. See whether you can also use them to prime your lips. If you wish to highlight your lips for a dramatic look, pick lip stains and shines. Explore liquid and matte options for different looks.

Types of Make-Up

We offer a wide range of make-up products under different categories. These include:

  • For the face: Pressed or loose powders, primers, concealers, foundations (liquid and powder), cheek powders or blushes, multi-use highlighters, BB creams, CC creams
  • For the eyes: Mascaras, eye-shadow palettes, eyeliners
  • For the lips: Lip liners, liquid lipsticks, glosses, lipsticks, lip water stains, lip oils, lip balms
  • Make-up accessories: Multi eye brushes, foundation brushes, precision eye brushes, foundation empty cases, face brushes, concealer brushes, multi-face brushes
  • How to Use/Apply Make-Up

    Step 1: Begin with the Face

    Moisturiser: Use a moisturiser to hydrate your face before you start with your makeup.

    Primer: Apply it to create the base for your foundation or makeup so that it can be applied smoothly and can last longer. Squeeze a little amount on your hands or a makeup sponge and dab gently on your face. Begin with a dime-sized amount in the centre of your face and gradually work it outwards.

    Liquid Foundation: For light coverage, use your fingers. For full coverage, use a foundation brush. Begin from the centre of the face and blend outwards while buffing in the make-up product.

    Concealer: Try a liquid concealer for light coverage on the full face. Use a stick concealer for heavier coverage on specific/smaller areas. One shade should match your skin tone and a lighter one should cover blemishes. Put only a little concealer on the affected area. Be careful to not put too much. You can then hide the concealer with a thin layer of foundation, chosen to match your natural skin tone. Else, you could add another layer of beige or brown concealer to make the blemish less noticeable. Gently blend into the surrounding skin using a concealer brush. If you use a stick concealer, glide it on blemishes and blend.

    Pressed powder/ powder foundation: They help set the products applied. Take a fluffy multi-face brush. Dust a light coat over your face. Pressing the bristles into the product, sweep across your face in long, arching strokes. Apply more on areas requiring further coverage (like the T-zone that tends to be oilier than the rest of your face).

    Blush: For a natural flush, use a pink cheek powder on the apples of your cheeks. To sculpt your face, use a cool brown blush. As per your outfit and your skin's undertone, you can choose a suitable shade of the product. Purse your lips and twist a side of your face. Sweep the blush using a multi-face brush along your cheekbones. Start near the ears and end at your cheeks' apples.

    Highlighter: Use a highlighter down the nose bridge, on the forehead's centre and brow bones, in the inner corners of eyelids, across the tops of cheekbones and on the indent above the upper lip and the centre of your chin. Using a highlighter can help draw attention to these parts of your face while also adding a dewy glow to it. Apply and blend it using your fingertips.

    Step 2: Do the Eyes

    Eyeshadow: Use a multi eye brush to apply a lighter shadow across the whole lid. Move from the lash line to your eyelid's crease. Apply a darker shadow at the outer corner above the lash line. Sweep it across the eyelid's crease to its centre. With a clean brush, blend the shades.

    Eyeliner: For precision, use a liquid eyeliner. Apply a thin layer of the eyeliner at the eye's inner corner and make it thicker towards the outer corner. According to the shape of your eye, you can try different styles of liners like winged liner, fishtail liner and so on. Start at the inner corner or middle, create thin dashes along your lash line and connect them. As per your preference, you can also use a pencil eyeliner.

    Mascara: First, use an eyelash curler to lengthen and lift your eyelashes. This will help the mascara to stick better to the lashes. Twist the product's wand out of the tube. Then wipe off any excess amount on the tube's edge. This ensures that the lashes are not weighed down or clumpy. Look up and hold the wand at the roots of the upper lashes. Coat the roots by wiggling it back and forth. Pull the wand upward towards the lash tips. Ensure to coat the lashes thoroughly and move slowly, so there's no clumping. With the wand's tip, apply the product at the base of the lashes. Wiggle the bristles back and forth to coat it uniformly.

    Step 3: Do the Lips

    Moisturise your lips with a lip balm Then apply a lip stain or shine from the centre of the lips and glide along your pout's length. Don't pull above your natural lip line.

    What's Trending?

    Foundations and concealers from Clarins, stick blushes (Blush Twists) from Sisley and self-refreshing custom finish powder foundations and multi-use highlighters of Shiseido are trending. All-in-one make-up for eyes (Eye Twists) from Sisley is another trendsetter. Lip Comfort Oil Shimmers from Clarins and Lip Twists from Sisley is also topping the trends charts.

    Make-Up FAQs

  • Can I get free shipping?
     Yes, you can enjoy free shipping on all orders.
  • Is shipping available outside India?
     No, Parcos currently ships make-up products only in India.
  • How are the ordered items packaged?
     Parcos packages products in sturdy boxes. To secure them further, every box is put inside another larger box. Our high-quality packaging ensures that no products are damaged.
  • What happens if I order something but don’t like it when I get it?
     No worries. Parcos has an easy return policy. You can raise an exchange or return request within 3 days of delivery. We also accept partial returns. So, even if you've ordered multiple products and want to return one of them, you can do so.