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Are you someone who has always wanted those perfectly winged eyes? Do you need some inspiration to get started? Getting beautifully accentuated eyes is a breeze with the luxury range of eyeliners, eyeshadows, and eyebrow products available at Parcos. So, go ahead and buy your eyeliner and other make-up products online, including removers online to up your style game.

Buy Eye Makeup Products at Parcos

Parcos brings you the entire range of eye makeup products, from liners to eyeshadows and even makeup removers. Choose from international luxury brands from the comfort of your home and have the products delivered right to your doorstep, free of any delivery charges. All these products have been created with proven formulae and have a gentle effect on your skin. Use multiple filters to ease your search and find the right product quickly. You can filter products by brand, popularity, pricing, and more. If you have a loved one who loves makeup products , you can even find gift sets right here.

Eye Makeup Brands Available Online on Parcos

Choose from a wide variety of eyeshadow palettes or go ahead and buy eyeliners online from a carefully selected product range that brings you only the best. We also have excellent options for eyebrow makeup and eye makeup removers. We regularly add new products, so keep an eye on our offerings for the latest new options. Here are some eyeliner, eyeshadow , and eyebrow brands available at Parcos:

  • Shiseido
  • Clarins
  • Sisley
  • What to Look for While Buying Eye Liner Online?

  • Natural eye colour
  • You can choose contrasting shades that complement your natural eye colour to highlight the natural beauty of your eyes like no other. You can look for contrasting colour options even in eyeshadow palettes to pick the best option. A colour wheel will help you find the exact contrasting colour.

  • Style
  • Eyeliners can help you give a totally different look to your eyes. They can make them look larger, more glamorous or even professional. Depending on the occasion, you can choose the appropriate type of liner. Basic pencil eyeliner is ideal for that daytime look. It makes for a subtle option without any drama. On the other hand, you can choose intense colours to get that perfect party look to stand out from the crowd.

    Types of Eye Liners

    Eyeliners come in various forms, offering varying benefits. Here are the different options you can try.

  • Liquid eyeliners
  • These offer a lasting finish and do not smudge easily. You can get fine edges and sharp strokes for that perfect evening look with liquid eyeliners. Your hands should remain stable during application to get sharp edges. Remember to use an eye makeup remover to get rid of the makeup before you sleep.

  • Pencil eyeliners
  • Pencils suit everyone, from beginners to experts. Pencils offer seamless and creamy applications that you can get done within seconds. You can apply an additional layer or two for the desired depth of colour.

  • Gel eyeliners
  • These offer the advantages of liquid and pencil eyeliners in a single product. Getting those sharp strokes is easy with gel eyeliners. It is the best option if you want an eyeliner that lasts long.

  • Powder eyeliners
  • Powders give you the flexibility to experiment with your looks by trying different colours. You can also use your eyeshadow powder as an eyeliner. An angled thin brush will help you line your eyes perfectly.

    How to Use/Apply Eye Liner

    Apply the eyeliner to the lower waterline to make your eyes appear full and wide. Darker shades at the outer corners will help. You can make the eyeliner last longer by layering it with other items like a pencil. It will help you sharpen the look of your eyes. You can also make your eyes appear smokey by smudging the liner with the help of a brush. Sharpening your upper lash line will make your eyes look larger.

    What's Trending in Eye Liner?

    Here are some brands on Parcos whose eyeliners you can buy online:

  • Shiseido
  • Clarins
  • Eye Liner FAQs

  • Which eyeliner is the easiest to apply?
  • Pencil eyeliners offer the easiest application. It is best suited for beginners, who might have shaky hands initially due to a lack of experience.

  • Are gel eyeliners better than liquid ones?
  • You can get easy gliding or a matte finish with gel eyeliners. Liquid eyeliners do not have a creamy texture and tend to be more watery. You can get a defined look with liquid ones, while gel comes with better control during application.

  • Are liquid eyeliners better than pencil ones?
  • Pencil eyeliners offer a subtle look, while liquid ones help you get a defined look. Pencil eyeliners require more than one application to get that intense look. Their shelf life is also high.

  • How do gel and pencil eyeliners differ?
  • Pencil eyeliners will give you better control, even if you are a novice. Gel eyeliners are smoother to apply as they have a creamy consistency.