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Eye-brow Shadow

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The shape and look of your eyebrows can completely alter the appearance of your face. With the right eyebrow makeup you can enhance the way your eyes look by creating a brow shape that works best for your face. Make sure you choose the right eyebrow makeup products for the best results. So, go ahead and draw attention to your eyes or frame your face just right with the highest quality makeup for eyebrows, only at Parcos.

Buy Eyebrow Makeup Online on Parcos

Keeping in mind skin sensitivity and the discerning taste of our customers, Parcos brings you a range of luxury eyebrow makeup products. Browse through the products effortlessly by filtering for brand names, size, popularity, pricing, and more. Choose from a wide range of options, from eyebrow pencil liners in light brown shades to suave kajal ink liners.

Placing your order is quick and easy, with multiple payment options that are processed almost instantly. After that, simply sit back, relax and wait for your chosen products to be delivered right to your doorstep. Not satisfied with the item? No problem. Check out our easy returns.

Eyebrow Makeup Brands Available Online on Parcos

Looking for the best eyebrow makeup products? Parcos brings you multiple options, including a 4-in-1 product that can be used as a liner, kajal,eyeshadow, and brow colour to cater to call your eye beauty needs. With our high-quality products, you gain peace of mind too with 12-hour waterproof wear, a smooth glide and a completely weightless feel.

We update our offerings regularly with new arrivals. So, check back for the most recent additions. Here is a list of the best eyebrow makeup brands available at Parcos:

What to Look for While Buying Eyebrow Makeup Online?

Whether you want a dramatic look or a totally natural one, here are some things to keep in mind while choosing makeup for eyebrows.

Eyebrow hair type
Avoid gels if your eyebrow hair is oily. Similarly, you can avoid brow powders if you have a dry hair type, then either a pomade, wax, and gel will be suitable for dry hair.

Eyebrow hair density
Gel and brow markers will better suit you if you have thin and sparse eyebrows. Pencils do not help sparse eyebrows look intense. On the other hand, if you have dense eyebrows, brow wax will be ideal.

Eyebrow makeup product experience
Eye brow pencils offer the best control and can be the ideal option for beginners. You can also avoid pomades and markers if you do not have much experience.

Types of Eyebrow Makeup

Just like other makeup products, you can choose from various types of eyebrow makeup. This includes:

Eyebrow gels
These are easy to apply and suit people with coarse brows as it helps you groom your brows into a defined shape. Gels make your eyebrows look fuller, add colour to them, and give them a firm shape.

Eyebrow pencils
An eyebrow pencil is a great option as its tip helps you draw defined strokes. It can also be used to outline the eyebrow shape in your desired manner. Make sure you have a sharp tip each time you use the pencil for the best results.

Eyebrow powders
Powders help you fill the uneven areas and make your eyebrows look dense. These come in various shades.

Eyebrow wax
This is ideal for people with messy eyebrows. You can use wax to keep the eyebrow shape intact for long hours. It can also act as a base for using other eyebrow makeup products.

Eyebrow marker
Markers help you fill any gaps in your eyebrows. These are similar to eyebrow powders and help you get a natural look.

How to Use/Apply Eyebrow Makeup

When using pencils, choose one shade lighter than your eyebrow colour. Apply gentle strokes to fill the gaps and make the eyebrows look fuller. The pencil strokes should be upward, to match the direction of hair growth and give you sharp edges.

Eyebrow gels are the easiest. You can also use a pencil to fill the gaps and add definite edges by outlining the brow. Use an applicator for eyebrow gels and start at the bottom of your brow. Move slowly towards the centre and then the top, ensuring even application. Comb the eyebrow gently after application to distribute and diffuse the product.

For eyebrow powders, start with choosing the right shade. You will also have to prep the eyebrows before using the powder. A pencil is ideal to create the desired shape and prepare your brows for further enhancement.The next step is to use a brush and begin applying the powder from the centre of the brow. Move to both ends to get a smooth and even finish. You can also comb the eyebrows to ensure even spread. A gel will also work wonders to keep your eyebrows in shape for longer hours.

What's Trending in Eyebrow Makeup?

Some of the trending eyebrow makeup brands at Parcos are:

● Shiseido
● Clarins

Eyebrow Makeup FAQs

  • What colours are best suited for brow powder?
  • It is best to choose a colour that closely matches your base hair colour, but in general you want a shade that’s not too dark.

  • Is brow pencil or brow pomade better for beginners?
  • Pencils offer better control than pomades. So, beginners are usually recommended to use pencils.

  • Can I get free shipping for eyebrow makeup products?
  • Yes, ParcosParcos offers free shipping on all orders.