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Who doesn’t love lush eyelashes? And what can be a better option than mascara to achieve that? Choosing the best mascara will make your lashes look fuller, darker and longer and give you a glamourous look. Our wide portfolio of the best mascaras from global brands enabled you to sport any look you want

Buy Mascaras Online on Parcos

Parcos brings you some of the best mascaras to suit different occasions and your varied makeup needs. You may want to have that subtle look or add instant volume to your eyelashes. Our mascaras will help. We have a range of premium brands so that you can shop for mascaras that are gentle on your skin while elevating the beauty of your eyes. It’s super easy to shop at Parcos. Our fast and quick payment options add to the convenience. You can have mascaras delivered to your doorstep with our swift and efficient delivery.

Mascara Brands Available Online on Parcos

Parcos has a range of options if you’re looking for the best mascara for sensitive eyes. We keep adding to our inventory regularly. So, make sure to check back for the latest additions. The best mascara brands available on Parcos include:

  • Sisley
  • Shiseido
  • What to Look for While Buying Mascaras Online?

    Here are some considerations to keep in mind when buying the best mascara for sensitive eyes.

  • Easy application
  • You can choose a mascara with a shorter wand for more control. There will also be no fear of the wand touching the sensitive areas near your eyes.

  • Lasting effect
  • The best mascara should last throughout the day. Make sure the product you choose has quality ingredients that remain gentle on your skin and prevent flaking. You can also choose features like waterproof, to ensure it lasts longer even on highly humid days, just ensure you’re double cleansing to remove your mascara at the end of the day.

  • Easy removal
  • When not removed properly, mascaras can give you that panda look. Choose the best clear mascaras that are smudge-free and easy to remove. Double cleanse to ensure proper removal of mascara.

  • Quick dry
  • The best mascara will dry soon which will help you layer on with multiple coats.

  • Moisturizing and clump-free
  • Always look for the best mascaras that have natural moisturising. You may also want a clump-free formula that will ensure your lashes are beautifully fanned out.

    Types of Mascaras

    Here are the different types of mascaras you can buy to get elegant eyelashes.

  • Thickening mascara
  • Thickening mascaras add to the volume of your lashes without going overboard. These are formulated with pigments and waxes to give a fuller appearance to your lashes. You can also use a liner to darken the lash line.

  • Curling mascara
  • Curling mascaras have a thick consistency that curls your eyelashes. Your eyes will look much rounder and bigger when you use this.

  • Water and smudge-proof mascara
  • These mascaras are great for those who want their eyes to look picture perfect all day long. Smudge-proof mascaras are the ideal choice for weddings when you wish to look your best through all the ceremonies.

  • Lash-defining mascara
  • These mascaras add thickness to your lashes by spreading evenly. They come with a waterproof formula and thickening polymers. The wax and oil content prevents smudging of your eyes.

    How to Use/Apply Mascaras

    Place the mascara wand at the bottom of your upper lashes and apply evenly till you get a uniform coating. Move the wand gradually along the length of your lashes to avoid clumping. Then move towards the tip of the lashes to make sure you have covered them as well. An additional coating will help you get the desired thickness.

    What's Trending in Mascaras?

    You can choose from trending make-up items from top luxury brands, including:

  • Sisley So Curl N°1 Deep Black
  • Shiseido Controlled Chaos Mascara Ink Black Pulse
  • Mascara FAQs

  • What are the ideal layers of mascara to wear?
  • Mascaras can make your eyelashes look lusher with proper layering. Two to three coats should be enough to add volume to your eyes.

  • Should I wear mascara on lower lashes?
  • You can put mascara on lower lashes to give your eye makeup a balanced look. Thicker lower lashes make the eyes look gorgeous.

  • Can I free shipping for mascaras?
  • Yes, Parcos offers free shipping on all orders.

  • Can I gift a mascara to someone from your website?
  • Yes, you can choose the best mascara from a range of colours. Add the recipient’s details and we will deliver it to them in no time.