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Liquid Lipstick

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Liquid Lipsticks

From metallic glosses to matte liquid lipsticks, innovative lip looks need that ultimate touch of luxury. Whether you’re going for a subtle look for work or a bold look for a party, Parcos has just the right liquid lipstick shades to choose from.

Buy Liquid Lipsticks Online on Parcos

Parcos brings to you a vast range of liquid lipstick shades from the most reputed luxury brands. Your lips deserve products with the best quality ingredients and that’s exactly what you get when you choose from our range.

It’s super easy to navigate our website and choose the premium quality cosmetics that you desire. Filter by popularity to choose the most sought-after liquid lipsticks. You can also filter by brand and easily compare the price. The checkout process is smooth and fast, with a number of payment options to make it totally convenient for you. With hassle-free exchanges and returns, Parcos is the perfect place for all your makeup needs.

Liquid Lipstick Brands Available Online on Parcos

Parcos brings you some of the best liquid lipstick brands, so you can shop for your favourite products with ease. Among our bestsellers in gloss and matte liquid lipstick, the category is one of the oldest and leading luxury brands from Japan - Shiseido. Founded in 1872, this premium label finds a place on the dressing tables of celebrities and fashionistas alike. This global cosmetic company offers a range of superior-quality skincare, makeup, and fragrances, their liquid lipsticks give many reasons to smile.

What to Look for While Buying Liquid Lipsticks Online

Consider your undertone: The simple way to choose the perfect liquid lipstick shades starts with looking at the veins on your wrist. Irrespective of your skin tone, your undertone falls into one of the three categories:

Cool - If the veins on your wrists are in the blue-purple spectrum, it suggests a cool undertone. A bright cherry red for the day or a deep plum for the night should be your go-to liquid lipstick shades.
Warm – Are your veins more greenish? It means you have a warm undertone. Colours like orange, brick-red, and terra-cotta are sure to enhance your looks.
Neutral – If the veins on your wrists are a mix of both blue and green, it means you have a neutral undertone. A wide range of liquid lipsticks will be flattering on you. Mauve liquid lipstick shades work like a charm for dusky skin, while hues of pink and berry are great for lighter skin tones.

Nude nuance: Nude doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to choose a lipstick colour that matches the actual colour of your lips. The idea is to emphasise your lips in a tone that looks natural on you. A good starting point for determining your particular nude lipstick shade is to find one that matches or is a shade darker than your inner lip.

Types of Liquid Lipsticks

Parcos brings to you the best liquid lipsticks from global luxury brands. You can get highly pigmented lipsticks for a night out or those with subtle hues for the day. Choose intense glossy liquid lipsticks with a featherlight formula. These liquid lipsticks are ideal for dry lips. They will not only add glitz and glamour but also leave your lips feeling nourished and supple.

How to Use/Apply Liquid Lipsticks

Before applying any lipstick, it’s a good idea to prep your lips. The best liquid lipstick application needs perfectly moisturised lips. Once you’ve done that, wipe off any access product left on your lips using blotting paper. If you’re going to be using a matte liquid lipstick on dry lips, a little lip balm will work better. Set the frame for your masterpiece by lining your lips with a lip liner. Then begin applying the liquid lipstick on the centre, where the lips purse.

What's Trending in Liquid Lipsticks

Sleek, chic and glossy are the go-to when it comes to liquid lipstick formulas. To achieve the trendiest looks from fashion magazine covers or on the big screen, simply top off your favourite lipstick with your favourite gloss from Shiseido.

Liquid Lipstick FAQs

  • Should I reapply liquid lipsticks?
  • While other lip products like lipsticks and glosses require reapplication, liquid lipsticks do not. While you may be tempted to touch up your look, this can result in an uneven application.

  • How long do liquid lipsticks last?
  • The best liquid lipsticks from Shiseido are created with long-lasting formulas. These may last as long as the whole day.

  • What is the best way to remove liquid lipsticks?
  • The best way to remove liquid lipstick is to first use an oil-based cleanser. Emulsify the cleanser and break down the pigments on your lips, after that you can wash it off and follow it with a water-based cleanser to help rid your lips of all traces of pigment. Follow this up with a lip balm for soft and kissable lips.

  • What to do if I’ve accidentally placed the wrong order?
  • Don’t worry. You can reach out to our customer support team by emailing or call us at +91-8291144455, Monday to Saturday 10 am to 6 pm (except public holidays). If your lipsticks haven’t been shipped yet, the order will be cancelled, and your money will be refunded within 24-48 business hours after the cancellation request is processed.