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Buying the perfect items for your makeup accessories kit can be confusing, especially when it comes to foundation brushes. It requires a fair bit of know-how regarding different types of brushes and what they are best used for. A good quality foundation brush can last you a very long time if it is of good quality, and you take proper care of it. So, choose from the top international luxury brands for all your makeup brush needs.

Buy Foundation Brushes Online on Parcos

A simple foundation brush can amp up your look in ways no other beauty products can. A good foundation brush can take your makeup to the next level and ensure a flawless base.

Check out the range of face brushes from luxury global brands on Parcos. You can choose a brush that will help achieve a softer, well-blended, flawless look. With the right foundation brush in your kit, you’ll be able to achieve a base that’s free of streaks and caking. Shopping online at Parcos is extremely easy and swift. Use our filters to easily find the right face brushes by product name, face makeup brush price, most popular and more. Choose from multiple secure payment options and get the products delivered right to your doorstep.

Foundation Brush Brands Available on Parcos

We have several styles of brushes to give you the perfect tool to blend different makeup products to perfection. We offer products from leading global brands like:

  • Shiseido
  • What to Look for While Buying Foundation Brush Online?

    Your choice of foundation brush should be based on the type of foundation you intend to use.

  • Fluid Brushes
  • These brushes are meant for use with a liquid foundation. This is why they are made of materials that do not absorb a lot of the product. Choose one with synthetic bristles that suit all makeup types. If the bristles are tightly packed, they will prevent crease lines and caking. This also lets you achieve a smooth, opaque finish with full coverage.

  • Powder Brushes
  • These brushes have natural bristles and work great with powder, since they hold on to the product and give you an airbrushed finish. If you are someone whose skin tends to be oily, these brushes can give you quick fixes.

    Types of Foundation Brushes

    Brushes come in various styles to suit different types of foundation products. However, some brushes, like a flat brush with the bristled set in a slanted or angled way, can be used for both powder and liquid foundations. Here’s a look at the different types of brushes to choose from.

  • Natural Bristles:
  • These are made from animal hair, which has a coating (cuticle) that is effective in lifting and absorbing skin oils and powdery pigments. Moreover, natural bristles tend to spread out and not cling together when you apply pressure to put foundation on your face. This is what makes foundation brushes with natural bristles the ideal choice for blending powder products.

  • Synthetic Bristles:
  • These are made from man-made materials, like nylon and polyester. Since they do not absorb oils or powdery pigments, brushes with synthetic bristles are perfect for applying liquid foundation.

  • Dual Fiber Brushes:
  • These brushes work well with both powder and liquid foundations. They are perfect for getting a smooth and even base for your makeup.

    How to Use Foundation Brush?

  • Firstly, take some product on the back of your hand. Now dip the brush in the foundation and make small dots with it all over your face.
  • Then start by blending the foundation into your skin using short strokes, just like you would while painting.
  • Spot blend wherever you think it needs more blending.
  • What’s Trending in Foundation Brush?

    For the perfect foundation brush, you can check out foundation brushes at Parcos by choosing filters such as Bestsellers, Popular, etc. The trending luxury brand is:

  • Shiseido
  • Foundation Brush FAQs

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