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A mask creates a protective film on your skin that helps in moisturising, hydrating, or exfoliating your skin, based on the ingredients and their uses. Therefore, these products help the beneficial ingredients get absorbed by your skin within a short duration.

Parcos brings you a wide collection of skincare masks from luxury brands across the world. Pamper, soothe and nourish your skin and complete your skincare regime with our premium products. The masks are available for all skin types and contain powerful ingredients that are proven to bring positive results.

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Take the first step towards giving your skin luxury treatment by shopping for masks at Parcos. You can easily find the perfect product that suits your skin and enhances its appearance effortlessly. We offer premium quality masks for various uses, such as brightening, hydrating and much more.

Simply use our filter to easily shop for the desired products. After you place your order, we will ship it free of cost, right to your doorstep.

Mask Brands Available Online on Parcos

Parcos offers skincare masks from top global luxury brands, including Clarins, Sisley and Shiseido. To explore the products of a specific brand exclusively, you can apply the filter of the same brand name.

What to Look for While Buying Masks Online

Before you buy masks online, check the specifications on the product pages. These include factors like gender, skin type, expiry date and fragrance family. Also, read the directions for use. Most importantly, check the functionality of the product to know whether it is suitable for your requirements. Here's a look.

Skin Brightening: This is a rich and comforting cream that brightens the skin. It works on dullness and uneven skin tone to brighten dark spots. This is best suited for people with dull skin.

● Skin Toning: This one tones the skin and rebalances it to tighten the pores. This is best suited if your skin is patchy

● Moisturizing and Refreshing: This refreshes, moisturizes and tones the skin, making it supple and radiant. The also smooths out fine lines and signs of stress and fatigue. This is most suitable for those with dry skin.

● Deep-Pore Exfoliation: These masks need to be pulled off the skin, rather than washed off. They help to exfoliate the skin for a fresh look and feel. This is perfect for people with blackheads and blemishes.

● Eye Refresher: This mask smooths out eye contours, reducing puffiness and dark circles and making the eye area appear more youthful and rested. This is perfect if your eyes have wrinkles.

Types of Masks

Different types of masks offer different benefits. So, make sure you choose the right one based on the results you seek.

● Cream Mask: This moisturizes and brightens the skin, and usually works for all skin types.
● Clay Mask: Clay masks are perfect if you have oily skin. You can apply a clay mask if you have a normal or combination skin type.
● Gel Mask: This generally suits all skin types but is most helpful to treat dehydrated skin.
● Peel-Off Mask: This is effective for oiliness, dullness, open and/or clogged pores, and is suitable for oily to combination skin.
Eye Mask: This usually suits all skin types and can fight puffiness, dark circles and signs of fatigue.
● Sleeping/Overnight Mask: This is suitable for both normal and dry skin and can treat dull, dehydrated, rough and tired skin.

How to Use/Apply Masks

Before applying a mask, clean your face with a good-quality cleanser. This boosts the effectiveness of the mask by preparing the skin to absorb its active ingredients. Spread a coin-sized amount of the mask evenly on your upper neck and face using your fingertips. A thin layer will do if you are using a sleeping/overnight mask. Don't get too close to your eyes and lips. Leave the mask on for about 20 minutes or until it dries. After that, wash or peel it off. You can otherwise follow the directions on the packaging. Use lukewarm water to rub the product off the face gently. Rinse your face and gently pat it dry. If you've applied a peel-off mask, remove it slowly and carefully. In the case of an eye mask, apply a thick layer around your eyes. Let it rest for about 10 minutes. Avoid rinsing. After removing the product, moisturize the skin while it's damp. This can hydrate your skin to maximize the effects of the mask.

What's Trending in Masks

All the skincare masks available at Parcos are popular selections. You can sort by options like "Popular" and "Bestsellers" to check the products with the highest demand. To know about specific trendsetters, you can explore our home page. For instance, the Waso Purifying Peel Off Mask is currently trending from Shiseido. Here are some of the trending brands:

  • Sisley
  • Shiseido
  • Clarins
  • Mask FAQs

  • Can I get free shipping at Parcos?
  • Yes, we offer free shipping on all orders.

  • How to search for offers on your website?
  • Click on "Offers" from the top navigation bar. Explore the products there. Then check out the latest available deals on the chosen product(s).

  • What happens if my order gets shipped in multiple shipments?
  • Sometimes, when different products of your order are shipped from different warehouses, you might receive them in multiple shipments. Nevertheless, there are no shipping charges

  • What to do if I order something but don’t like it when I get it?
  • Simply request an exchange or return within 3 days of delivery. We aim to give you a satisfying experience every single time.