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Parfum, also known as Extrait de Parfum or Pure Perfume, is the boss of all fragrances. It contains the highest concentration of fragrance oil (20%-30%) and the lowest content of alcohol among all types of perfumes. This is why parfums last the longest on your skin. All it takes is a small spritz to remain fresh all day long. Parcos invites you to select from a world of top-class parfums from luxury brands from across the globe.

Buy Parfum Online on Parcos

Parcos brings you a wide assortment of parfums belonging to a full spectrum of scents and notes. From lemon, white tea, ginseng and patchouli to iris, basil and cedarwood, you're sure to find something that speaks to your personality and taste. Some of the products also tone, firm and moisturize the skin with essential oils and are made of 100% natural pure plant extracts. They often come with a non-photo sensitizing formula so that you can wear them safely even in the sun.

Shopping for parfums at Parcos is in itself a luxurious experience! Use our filters to sort by product categories and subcategories, by brand names, gender and other essential factors. We also offer a seamless checkout process with multiple, secure payment options. So, are you ready to explore the world of luxury fragrances?

Parfum Brands Available Online on Parcos

Parcos offers parfums from leading global brands. You can search for them using the filters on our site. Alternately, visit the top navigation menu, click on skincare, choose body care, select perfume and click on the desired brand to check out its products. We offer parfums from:

  • Clarins
  • What to Look for While Buying Parfum Online

    Some of the things to check before you buy parfum are its brand, expiry date and directions to use. Here are other important factors to keep in mind while shopping.

  • Skin Type
  • Parfum is a great choice for people with sensitive skin since it comes with the lowest alcohol content. If the specifications of a product mention "all skin types," it can suit anyone. Check the suitable skin type in the product specifications.

  • Notes
  • Like any perfume, parfum also contains three distinct notes. These are the top note, heart note and base note. The top note helps create your first impression. So, ensure it is attention-grabbing yet pleasant. Fresh scents like fruity and citrus are popular choices.

    The heart or mid-note must be more rounded and mellower since it makes up the main body of the perfume. Choose from orientals and florals for heart notes. The base note needs to last longer than the other notes. So, ensure it is richer and heavier, such as woody scents.

  • Season
  • Specific notes and scents suit certain seasons better. Florals and citrus work well for spring and summer. Woody, leather or oriental notes are better suited for autumn and winter.

  • Occasion
  • Choose the fragrance according to the event. Choose something light like vetiver for formal events to save your co-workers a headache. For a date or party night, try something seductive and slightly heavier, like amber.

    Types of Parfum

    We offer premium parfums for everyone. So, they are available in the following types:

  • Parfums for Women
  • The popular notes for women are woody, sweet, vanilla tonka bean, aromatic, citrus, floral, lavender and fruity.
  • Parfums for Men
  • Notes like sage, cedarwood, sandalwood, anise, rosemary, geranium, mint and vetiver are more suitable for men.

    How to Use/Apply Parfum

  • Apply the parfum on your pulse points, where your blood vessels are closest to the skin, such as the wrist, sides of the neck, etc. The additional heat at these points helps the fragrance rise all day. The most common spots are your necklines, collarbones and behind your ears.
  • Spray behind your knees. They keep moving and therefore, generate a lot of heat to help the scent move upwards.
  • Apply on your belly button. This spot also traps heat and helps the fragrance to rest and interact with it throughout the day.
  • Ensure you spray the fragrance from a distance of 5-7 inches. Don't overdo it, since parfums are naturally the strongest of all perfumes.
  • What's Trending in Parfum

    You can check the most popular products on our homepage under sections like "New In," "Brands in Focus," "Bestsellers" and "Trending Now."

    Parfum FAQs

  • Is free shipping available on your site?
  • Yes, Parcos offers free shipping on all orders.

  • How long does parfum last?
  • A parfum usually lasts for 10 hours or longer. You can simply follow what the packaging says.

  • How to look for offers on your website?
  • Visit our top navigation, choose "Offers", explore the list of products and find the latest deals on the chosen items.

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