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Eyes - Eye Makeup Remover

The sultry smoky-eye look enjoys widespread celebrity approval. Trust a great winged eyeliner or a show-stopping glittery eyeshadow to make you a certified head-turner at any party.

And yet, your appetite for experimenting with great eye make-up depends on how convenient you find it to take it off. With great quality eye make-up removers available at Parcos, you’ll find that to be completely hassle-free.

Buy Eye Make-Up Remover Online on Parcos

For your skin to stay all-around fresh and blemish-free, Parcos presents versatile and gentle eye make-up removers. This means that you don’t have to worry about any eye infections or allergies or skin problems such as reactions, dehydration, and ageing cropping up.

Navigate to the menu on the top of the website, and under the section Skin, select the sub-category ‘Eye Make-Up Remover’. To further whittle down the search results, activate the filters and pick just the right variant for yourself. The individual product page will also tell you how soon your eye make-up remover will be delivered to your doorstep.

Eye Make-Up Remover Brands Available Online on Parcos

The great thing about our selection of eye make-up removers is their versatility. You can trust them to keep the lashes in perfect condition even while effectively removing stubborn, waterproof mascara. In case you’re looking for a make-up remover for both eyes and lips, you’ll find that too. The following brands are available on Parcos:

  • Valmont
  • Sisley
  • Clarins
  • With the right eye make-up remover, you can keep turning up for every outing like the diva that you are.

    What to Look for While Buying Eye Make-Up Removers Online?

    Parcos offers a range of make-up removers that are enriched with premium ingredients which ensures your makeup is effectively removed. Here are a few pointers for choosing the right one for yourself or a loved one:

  • It should be gentle on the eyes and the area around: Eyes are extra sensitive to foreign substances, and so is the skin surrounding them. When choosing an eye make-up remover, it helps to check if it is ophthalmologically tested to be gentle on the eyes. This is especially important if you have sensitive eyes or if you wear contact lenses.
  • It should suit your skin type: Not all make-up removers are alike. For instance, some work well on oily skin, while others might be great on all skin types. While buying, don't forget to check the INCI list for this.
  • Ingredients: Check if your eye make-up remover comes with a two-phase formulation because you may need to remove both heavy, water-resistant make-up and any residual impurities. An added bonus is the tender care of organic extracts for that naturally soothing and hydrating effect.
  • Types of Eye Make-Up Removers

    Parcos offers eye make-up removers under categories including the following:

  • Oil-based: These makeup removers eliminate all kinds of makeup compositions and a great fit for heavy-mascara-wearers and those who like waterproof eyeliners.
  • Liquid oil-based: An effective combination where the oil component helps remove waterproof makeup, and the water solvent takes out any powder or other residues.
  • How to Use/Apply Eye Make-Up Remover

    The eye make-up removers available on Parcos are not only hydrating, and gentle on the skin, but easy to use too. Here are some tips on their use:

  • Always ensure you remove all traces of makeup before you sleep.
  • Use a different cotton pad for each eye. Soak the cotton pad in eye makeup remover and very gently apply pressure against the eye for 10 seconds, this will dissolve the makeup.
  • Avoid rubbing the cotton pad against the skin. Instead, wipe very gently over the lashes from root to tip.
  • Proceed to rinse, and voila, you have fresh, clean and make-up-free eyes!
  • Always wash your hands before applying the make-up remover to your skin.
  • What’s Trending in Eye Make-Up Removers?

    With their organic extracts, skin-friendly formulation and effective action, the following variants are trending:

  • Sisley Gentle Eye & Lip Make Up Remover
  • Clarins Instant Eye Make Up Remover
  • With our collection of high-quality eye make-up removers, you never have to think twice before heading out with that dreamy, gorgeous eye makeup look.

    Eye Make-Up Remover FAQs

  • Do you offer free shipping on Parcos?
  • Yes, we provide free shipping on all orders.

  • Are there any offers on Parcos?
  • In the menu on the top, select 'Offers'. The latest deals available on the chosen product(s) will be available under this category.

  • Do you offer options with smaller quantities as well?
  • Absolutely. We have eye make-up removers ranging from 50 mL to 125 mL bottles.

  • What if I don’t like something that I ordered?
  • We pride ourselves on providing you with the highest satisfaction, be it eye make-up removers or anything else.

    And with our customer-friendly exchange and return policies, you just need to raise a request for an exchange or return within 3 days of delivery. We'll take care of the rest.