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Masks are great for your skincare routine, as well as for addressing specific skincare concerns. While providing a spa-like experience at home, masks hydrate the skin, remove excess oil and improve the appearance of pores. To find a mask that best suits your skin and makes it feel simply wonderful, come to Parcos. Here you will find international luxury brands with their choicest range of masks so that you can find exactly what you need.

Buy Masks Online on Parcos

Parcos welcomes skincare lovers to an amazing range of masks from globally celebrated luxury brands. Nourish your skin with these masks to achieve youthful, radiant skin. Easy to apply, these masks are great at delivering results. For the highest quality skincare, buy masks online at Parcos.

Our customer-friendly policies make shopping with us a breeze. Choose from myriad masks using the filter to easily find one that pampers your skin the best. Our payment options are easy and quick too. And if you don’t like what you get, we are here with our easy exchange, return, and cancellation policy.

Mask Brands Available Online on Parcos

An elite mask collection awaits you at ParcosParcos, from global luxury brands. From sleeping masks to peel-off and serum/sheet masks, you have masks for every skin type that blanket your skin, delivering nourishment that enhances the skin’s appearance and quality.

Choose from the chic range of unisex mask brands. We also have exclusive masks for women. You can pick masks from the following brands:

What to Look for While Buying Masks Online?

The market might be overflowing with mask options but don’t compromise when it comes to your facial skin. But pick one according to your skin type and concern.

Dry Skin: Give your skin an extra dose of hydration with gel, serum, and sleeping masks.
Normal Skin: Buy a serum or gel mask online when your skin looks dull to revive it.
Oily Skin: To open clogged pores and address excess sebum, use purifying masks.
Sensitive Skin: Pick a gel mask without chemical ingredients.
Combination Skin: For dewy radiance, use purifying or gel masks.

Masks for different skin types also vary by ingredients. So, read the description and ingredients before buying.

Types of Masks

Choose from the best mask types to cater to all your skin requirements:

Gel Mask: For fresh, radiant, moisturized skin, and to fade signs of fatigue
Sleeping Mask: An intensive hydration dose that recharges your skin overnight
Peel-off Mask: Reinvigorates the complexion and evens out skin tone
Serum/Sheet Mask: Leaves skin supple with serum loaded in a stretch mask that wraps to the contours of your face and neck
Purifying Mask: Reduces skin imperfections and eliminates excess sebum for a radiant complexion.

How to Use/Apply Masks

Before using a mask, cleanse your skin. The duration of keeping a mask on depends on the specific mask type. To flaunt flawless skin, apply masks in the following ways:
Gel Mask: Apply on the face and neck. Let it sit for a few minutes and wipe off. Rinsing is not necessary.
Sleeping Mask: Apply before bedtime. Smear it on your face and gently blend in. Wake up to refreshed, beautiful skin.
Peel-Off Mask: Smooth the mask evenly over your skin. Once dry, gently peel it off. No need to rinse.
Sheet/Serum Mask: Remove the mask from its packaging and gently unfold it. Align its shape with your face and set it to your face’s contours. Remove after a few minutes and smooth the serum into your skin.
Purifying Mask: Apply a thick layer and leave it on for a few minutes. Rinse off with water. You can also apply it overnight to target imperfections.

Remember, while using face masks to pamper your skin, relax for maximum benefit.

What's Trending in Masks?

These nourishing masks reduce signs of ageing, refine large pores, and improve skin texture. Buy masks online from luxury brands available at Parcos:
▪ Clarins
▪ Sisley
▪ Shiseido

Mask FAQs

  • Does Parcos offer free shipping?
  • Yes, we offer free shipping on all orders.

  • Is shipping available outside India?
  • No, currently Parcos ships face masks only in India.

  • Can I send a gift to someone?
  • Yes, you can send luxury products as gifts to us. Select from various products and order to send as gift items to your loved ones.

  • How are the ordered items packaged?
  • All products are packed in strong boxes. Every box then is put inside a larger box for enhanced safety. By doing so, we make sure that you receive your order without any damage.

  • What if I order something but don’t like it after it is delivered?
  • If you don’t like an item when you get it, we facilitate its return with our easy return policy. You can also raise a request for an exchange within 3 days of delivery. We also offer a partial return facility.