Versace Dylan Purple - India

#NewAtParcos – Versace Dylan Purple

Inspired by ancient Greco-Roman times, Versace was founded in 1978 by Italian designer Gianni Versace as a luxury fashion house. Over the years, Versace became a bold and beautiful label, that was all about the sophisticated woman who isn’t afraid to take risks. From the Medusa-head logo to Greek-inspired patterns, the label created a niche of its own and etched its way into being one of the most iconic luxury labels out there. Expanding its horizon from clothes to fragrances, Versace eventually introduced perfumes in 1981—Gianni Versace For Women being the first of its kind. The fragrance mirrored the essence of the fashion label and was bold, glamorous, and sexy. Ever since, Versace has created a symphony of scents with notes that beautifully come together to embody the true spirit of the brand. Keeping the ethos alive, Dylan Purple is a bright and elegant fragrance that inspires you to travel. The floral and fruity fragrance keeps the essence of the brand alive through an accord that is sweet, addictive, and oh-so-vibrant. 

The Versace Dylan Purple Story

After the success of the fresh Dylan Blue and the energetic Dylan Turquoise, Versace’s Dylan Purple gives you a glimpse into the ‘endless summers’ yet to come. Created by celebrated perfumer Christophe Raynaud, the fragrance is an invitation to travel. Taking cues from its predecessors, Dylan Purple too is a refreshing burst of energy, laced in sensual, bold, and exciting accords. It’s wild yet sophisticated and pays homage to Italy’s hypnotic sunsets, its lightly scented fruity and floral breeze, and cool embrace of the golden sands.

A Look At Versace Dylan Purple Packaging

Housed in the iconic Versace amphora-shaped bottle, just like its predecessors, Dylan Purple’s packaging showcases a luxurious hue of purple (as its name suggests) with rose gold detailing. On the cap, you’ll find an embossed logo of the iconic Medusa-head, along with the engraved name of the fragrance, while on the shoulder of the bottle sits the label’s name spelled out in block baroque-inspired letters. The combination of a jewel-toned purple, paired with the rose gold gives this one a rather opulent and regal touch that embodies Versace’s design ethos – perfect for fragrance collectors

Fragrance NotesVersace Dylan Purple

An Italian summer packed in a bottle, Versace Dylan Purple is all about that refreshing embrace of your European travels. The fragrance centres around a fruity-floral accord, both of which bring that sweet and sparkling essence reminiscent of a blooming field of flowers and fruits, alike. The perfume opens up to joyful notes of bitter orange, Italy Orpur, pear juice accord, and bergamot Italy orpur—giving the fragrance a delightfully fresh and vibrant start. The joy continues as the heart notes of the fragrance begin to take over your senses. Heady notes of  purple freesia, pomrose, and mahonial add a soft floral and delicate accord to the fruitiness of the fragrance. Finally, with time you’ll notice that the fragrance dries down to a rather musky tone, as its base notes of cedarwood virginia orpur, ambrofix, belambre, and sylkolide, begin taking over, while these notes add a warm musky essence, it also retains the fruity accents that were present at the start of the fragrance.
A notable ingredent is Iso e super which amps up the sillage and helps this fragrance adapt to your body chemistry – making this a signature scent that can’t be recreated. Perfect for everyday wear, the fragrance’s versatility makes this one go from day to night with little to no effort!

Is Versace Dylan Purple Worth The Hype?

Versace Dylan Purple is a modern fragrance meant for the modern woman who is bold, fun, wild & sexy. The scent encapsulates all facets of this woman, through its floral, fruity, and musky accords that are energetic and fun. That paired with the shelf-worthy bottle, Versace Dylan Purple’s cool and contemporary aura is what makes it one worth the hype.