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Leonardo De Luca On Diego dalla Palma Milano’s Vision For Beauty In India

Italy’s leading makeup and skincare brand, Diego dalla Palma Milano has been in the Indian market since the last year, and has already made waves with high-performing products that have become a mainstay with leading makeup artists & beauty enthusiasts alike. While fans are treated to easy to use products and a tongue in cheek marketing, there’s a lot of work done behind the scenes – Forecasting, Research & Development, Market Testing and New Product Development. We delve into the business of beauty with Diego Dalla Palma’s National Makeup Artist, Leonardo De Luca.

Where It All Started: Leonardo De Luca’s Epic Adventure with Diego dalla Palma

I have been working with this company for 14 years, I have always loved this brand and joining the team felt like a dream come true. Over the years I have seen the company grow and look to the future while always maintaining our philosophy, ‘a professional but affordable make-up for all.’

Beyond the Horizon: Diego dalla Palma Milano’s Visionary Approach to Global Beauty Trends

The brand Diego dalla Palma Milano has always been part of the dynamism of global make-up trends, maintaining its distinctive point of view.

Certainly, in the beauty world we see two kind of trends: some linked to a specific historical moment and others persisting and evolving over time, such as the theme of sustainability. The latter are the ones that, as a brand, we try to follow and in some cases to anticipate, because they have the greatest impact on consumer behaviour.

Although current events are extremely multifaceted and heterogeneous, in which a mix of styles and fashions coexist together, it is essential for us to identify the socio-cultural leitmotivs that herald the macro trends of the future and allow us to be always ahead the game.

For years, our goal has been to foresee the needs of the market, always trying to dictate our rules by combining innovation, professional quality and a unique and original approach.

Essentially, our commitment is to inspire our customers to explore current trends translating them into their unique style.

Diego Dalla Palma Milano India

From Milan to India: Beauty Beyond Borders

Over the years we have always experimented with new formulas and textures for all skin types, but not only that, the different colours and long-lasting products can satisfy different needs.
The Indian market can draw on Diego dalla Palma in many respects above all for the durability of the product, given the hot climate. I also believe the vibrant and impactful colours will appeal to the Indian audience. Eye make-up is very important here and attention to detail is fundamental, which is why we believe consumers will especially enjoy our pencils and eyeshadows, for the high impact pigmentation and durability.

The key products I would recommend for the India are: Mascara Sub-Aqueo, High Precision Brow Pencil Water Resistant & our Eye Primer.

Beauty Wanderlust: Unveiling Beauty Secrets from Distant Shores

For Italian women it is important to use a primer both for the eyes and for the face, we also use a lot of finishing powders and fixers. A beauty tip that I recommend, is using a highlighter on the cheekbones, on your beautiful amber skin I think it would be a must!

I have noticed the use of kajal as your building block. I like it a lot. There are many more ways to wear the kajal pencil, it can be used inside the eye, but you can also colour the entire eyelid which can be blended with a flat brush to create a smoky eye effect. Another great way to use it is to tightline the upper lid and skip using the kajal inside the eye, this last method will help you create a refined line that’s  ideal for day make-up.

On Indian Beauty Trends and Inspirations

In India, I found myself inspired by the use of colours, I was fascinated by the combination you have between Make up and clothing. Even the shape of the eyebrows, they are details that give faces a lot of character. For me, India represents colour, and the absolute perfection of it.

DDPM India

Trends and Tech: Paving the Path for The Future Of Beauty

As Diego dalla Palma, we envision a future in which the beauty industry will be increasingly interlaced with current global issues.

One of the key emerging trends we believe will shape the industry is the focus on clean and sustainable beauty. As consumers become more conscious of the environmental impact of the products they use, there is a growing demand for concrete solutions both in terms of packaging and formulas.

Another significant trend we anticipate is the connection between beauty and technology. From one side, we will see how advancements such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence and virtual try-on experiences will revolutionize the way consumers explore and experiment with makeup. On the other side, there will be an increasing attention on digital wellbeing and how to maintain a fair balance between offline life and online life: on this aspect, cosmetic products can have an important role in encouraging people to take some moments for themselves, take their eyes off the screens and re-connect with their inner self and thoughts.

Furthermore, customization will continue to play a crucial role in the future of the beauty industry. We believe that individuals will more and more look for personalized solutions both skincare and make-up, so it will be important for all cosmetic brands to find solutions that will put the customer at the centre to create engagement and loyalty.

In conclusion, we can definitely say that the future of the beauty industry is an heterogeneous and dynamic landscape. We are excited to be part of this transformative journey, looking forward to get people inspired and always continuing to create innovative products and experiences.

How Diego dalla Palma Is Staying Ahead Of The Curve

During the last few years, one of our biggest goals is to be more sustainable as a company. We are paying more attention to the entire production process, making more environmentally conscious decisions, from the selection of raw materials to the choice of packaging materials and suppliers. Our goal is to create products that are not only exceptional in quality but also mindful of their impact on the planet.

As part of our sustainability efforts, we have integrated refillable systems into our makeup line, while still maintaining the high-quality standards our brand is well-known for. This applies to face, eyes and lips makeup, allowing customers to reduce waste by simply refilling their favourite products instead of purchasing new ones. We are the first brand in Italy that has created a lipstick refill system in fully recyclable material.

Additionally, to cater to the unique preferences of our customers, we offer different shades of packaging for our lipsticks: this is for us a first attempt to try to meet the individual style and aesthetic of our customers, making them feel part of the brand.

As we continue on this path, we remain committed to anticipating and leading the way towards a more sustainable beauty industry that speaks directly to the people by understanding their needs. 

DDPM India

On Balancing Innovation & Core Brand Values

Innovation has been one of our core values and we have always tried to be disruptive through our products’ formulas and packaging, that are the result of constant research. In fact, we offer innovative products with a professional appeal to our consumers, seeking to meet trends and ever-shifting markets demands. Moreover, we often feel the need to renovate our line products, offering frequently an updated, better performing version of our formulas. Innovation is a must when it comes to packaging: while remaining true to our elegant and minimal design, since the last few years we are trying to be more eco-conscious, carefully choosing the materials and our suppliers.

A Glimpse into Diego Dalla Palma’s Future

Diego Dalla Palma has always been an affordable luxury brand, addressing high-end customers with a professional approach. As the new generation are becoming more informed about make-up products, thanks to digital platforms, we have updated the way we communicate our products to speak to new target audiences.

We have defined different strategies: for instance, we are constantly building partnerships with creators and talents who are speaking to different audiences. Consumers are more and more fragmented, and we understand the importance of delivering our values to people with different backgrounds.

We are also developing some new projects to build customer loyalty and to engage deeper relationships, such as give-aways, contests and in-store activities.

Last but not least, in our line we combine timeless products with launches based on ongoing trends: in this way, we are capable of keeping up with currents fads, without giving up on the evergreens.

This strategy allows us to meet the needs of an every-day make-up but also of a bold and outstanding look.