Pierre Ravan - Eternal Journey

From Music To Heartfulness, Pierre Ravan Takes Us On An Eternal Journey

What do Yoga, feel good music & luxury fragrances have in common? While this may seem like an intriguing mélange, the unifying thread is a renowned polymath and celebrated name within these worlds, Pierre Ravan. Seamlessly blending these diverse fields together, Mr. Ravan created Eternal Journey – a niche fragrance brand that’s heartfelt and is grounded in living the most authentic life. The niche fragrance brand has launched three fragrances, each created to help you transition through the day: Sunrise To Sunset – a celebration of calming notes, the invigorating & musky Sunset To Midnight, and the alluring woody fragrance, Midnight To Sunrise.  

On the inspiration behind Eternal Journey.…

Eternal Journey goes beyond a luxury Maison de Parfum. It captures the essence of a way of life and the elixir of a philosophy. While inspired by the principles of luxury, entertainment, Yoga & meditation, Eternal Journey embraces modernity and celebrates life with passion. Our fragrances are carefully crafted to let you experience both internal and external journeys of life.

The brand was created after I had an epiphany—a message that came straight to my heart during meditation. This happened after three decades of experience in the fields of luxury, music, yoga, and meditation. After this moment, I realised that it was time to create a brand that covered all the fields I have been involved in for such a long period of time.

On what defines the Eternal Journey….

Balance and unity are at the core of one’s Eternal Journey. Through all my multi-disciplinary activities I awakened my senses and began my own Eternal Journey—one that balances body, heart and soul, and unifies them. It is the path to expressing our inner-self and a way to reveal our inner-beauty. Eternal Journey is a philosophy and a way of life. It is a journey to achieve the best version of ourselves.

The beginning Of A Fragrant Journey….

Fragrances were always part of my life and heritage, especially since I hail from a Persian family. Some of the top notes that always stand out for me are from my childhood and those are Orange Blossom, Persian Saffron & Rose, and Dry black Lemon.

I have also worked with some of the biggest brands like Hermes from a very early age. This allowed me to see how olfactive families and qualities of a perfume change based on trends and the mentality of people.

On the Convergence Of Music & Fragrance….

 My music and Fragrances are alike, in the sense that they are both a progression and my timeless track. Divine Energy covers the 24-hour journey that my 1st collection of fragrances hopes to take you on, from: Sunrise To Sunset, Sunset To Midnight, and Midnight To Sunrise. 

How India has inspired Mr. Ravan….

My story with India is very long. I felt a connection to the country, may be something from my past life, that has spilled into the present day. The connection is so strong that I probably would have to write a book about it. In a nutshell, I would say I feel that my heart is Indian—my path of evolution, especially of consciousness, is linked to India. My best friend and guide is from India and it’s also my favourite place to visit, whether I’m alone or with family, the Heartfulness centre in Hyderabad being one of the places I visit often. India is truly home. 

On how he faces and overcomes difficulties….

Difficulties, problems, issues, and disappointments should always be part of any journey, as without them we will never learn to evolve. The only way I have so far overcome them was the clear vision and “viveka” (discriminative ability) about the future of my brand.

On upcoming launches in the pipeline….

With our first collection, we explored our outer journey by manifesting our 24-hour daily existence and activities. In our new 3H collection to be launched in July 2024 in Europe, we explore and experience our inner journey by starting from the HEART (H1), create HARMONY (H2), that eventually leads to HAPPINESS (H3)