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The Road To Building A Successful Beauty Brand: Dr Irena Eris Shares Her Journey

Founded in 1983 by Polish pharmacist Dr Irena Eris – the eponymous cosmetics brand came from a need that its namesake wanted to address. After years of working as a pharmacist, Dr Eris noticed a glaring gap in the market. So she set out to make her dreams a reality, along with her husband Henryk Orfinger. With a scientific, research-first approach to skincare, the brand has made its mark in the luxury skincare market with formulations that show results from the very first use.

Dr Irena charts her brand’s journey, their approach and it’s road to becoming a pioneer in this Luxezine expert speak.

The Birth Of A Brand

I knew from the start that I wanted to create something new, something that I could call my own. At the start of my career in the 1980s, I worked for a state-owned pharmaceutical company. I was under the impression that I was going to create something exciting. I thought that I would conquer the world in this company, and carry out advanced research, but I was greatly disappointed, it turned out that this job did not give me that many opportunities at all.

I hold a PhD degree from the Humboldt University of Berlin, I know two languages. Thanks to the studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy, I had scientific knowledge, and I knew the needs of the skin. I wanted to set up my own small laboratory to create a whole range of cosmetics. At that time, there were no good creams on the market. I have successively created a semi-oily cream, a moisturising cream, and a cream for sensitive skin, later, I also created a cleansing milk. Over time, women started to come back to me. In the following years, we had difficulties in keeping up with the growing demand.

This company was born of our dreams. Thanks to the quality of the products, I have built a brand that has started to grow and has become desirable for consumers. A strong scientific basis has always been of utmost importance for me, and that is why I have also established the Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research.

Nowadays, I am happiest when I read an email informing me that we have received another patent, or a serious scientific journal included our research in their publication.

On Facing Challenges

Initially, I thought it was enough to have a good product, but the real world quickly challenged that idea. I soon realized that, alone, even the best product is not enough. It turned out that supply, proper distribution, etc. are equally important.

I have always been highly motivated. I think that the reason behind this was a very specific vision and belief in making my dreams come true. Obviously, in retrospect, I think I was also very lucky. My dream, which was our driving force at that difficult time, was to create a whole range of cosmetics. A range that was so diverse that every consumer could choose the right product for her complexion and age.

Taking The Next Step

An important event in our brand’s trajectory was the construction of a modern plant. Thanks to that, we were able to increase production and keep up with the demand for our cosmetics. We purchased modern machines and high-tech production lines. We could start to think of a long-term, stable development. The effects were visible very quickly, the company transformed into a mature company. Today, customers can find our cosmetics around the world – including exclusive European perfumeries in Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, the Middle East or North Africa.

The success of the Dr Irena Eris brand stems from faithfulness to tradition, respect for the customer and competition, following the established path and ensuring the high quality of cosmetics, treatments and services.

These are certainly the elements that support its global success. We are gaining global recognition by acting in accordance with certain universal values, including the pursuit of excellence, respect for tradition or business ethics.

How Research Is Key At Dr Irena Eris

Above all, customers expect good products from us – innovative products that bring something new to the market, and that are effective and safe. Modern cosmetics are created after highly advanced research.

Today, we use new technologies to facilitate the transfer of active substances across the skin’s protective barrier and allow them to reach predetermined elements inside the skin cells.  We are one of the few cosmetic companies worldwide to conduct our own advanced research in the Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research, which is unique in the cosmetic industry.

The results of this research make it possible to offer new technologies and new active substances. Our portfolio includes our own patents and numerous pending patent applications. Our scientists publish their research results in prestigious global scientific journals and take part in foreign congresses, and in doing so, they contribute to the development of world cosmetology.

Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research conducts in vitro tests on skin cells (fibroblasts and keratinocytes) – we also assess the changes of their internal structures in terms of nuclei, DNA, gene expression and silencing, mitochondria, cell membrane transport and many others – and ex vivo tests (on 3D skin models). They enable us to use active ingredients in our formulations at optimal concentrations (therapeutic doses) and in synergistically acting complexes. Another stage of research work includes in vivo tests, which – thanks to the use of modern measuring and instrumental equipment – precisely confirm the effectiveness of the ingredients in a specific product.

Thanks to the Centre for Science and Research, we are innovative and we follow our own independent path. We can offer unique solutions, and this gives us great satisfaction. Our focus on innovation means that we create something new and set trends, which is a source of great satisfaction and encouragement to take on further challenges.

On Pushing Boundaries

We discover not only new substances but also new technologies. All of this contributes to the fact that Dr Irena Eris cosmetics are used by millions of women around the world, who can always be sure both of their safety and the results of care.

We invest a lot in top-class specialised equipment which for example, measures the depth of wrinkles within a nanometre or ‘looks’ inside the skin. We carry out research on truly complex issues, such as silencing or activation of genes responsible for the condition of the skin. We also co-operate with research centres by conducting joint research which is why our activities are recognised and appreciated by the scientific community. We are invited to present our achievements at various national and international congresses, conferences, and symposia.

For example: our scientists publish the results of their work in many global journals, including those from the prestigious Philadelphia list, i.e. a group established by the Institute for Scientific Information, and they have been participating for years in international scientific conferences where they present the results and outcomes of their work.

Thanks to the Centre’s work, we were the first in the world to introduce folic acid and vitamin K to cosmetics.

In 2010, we also used the protection of telomeres in our products, which coincided with the Nobel Prize that was awarded precisely for the work on telomeres. Today, we have over a dozen of our own patents and patent applications, which we use in the products placed on the market.

Dr Eris Shares The Biggest Achievement For Her Brand

The proudest moment for me was the acceptance of the Dr Irena Eris brand as a member of Comité Colbert, the French luxury brand association. This was one of those events in my professional life which confirms that it is worth pursuing your dreams and following your intuition. We are the only non-French cosmetic brand to be included in this prestigious group of the world’s most luxurious brands. We were applauded for the excellent quality of our cosmetics, but also for our brand philosophy, which guides us in conducting our business: respect for tradition, ethics in business, the pursuit of excellence, and implementation of a holistic approach to beauty, as well as innovation. These values are universal and appreciated by all members of the organisation. That is why we need to continue along the established path and confirm with every step that we deserve to be one of the most luxurious brands in the world, because this group of just over 80 brands selected by the Comité Colbert includes such names as Chanel, Hermès, Dior & Louis Vuitton. 

Dr Irena Eris Y Lifting Solution

On The Formulation Which Holds A Special Place In Her Heart

All the lines are well appreciated, and I am proud of each and every one of them. In particular, I am proud of our under-eye creams, which – apart from their moisturising and anti-wrinkle effects – also brighten dark circles under the eyes.

However, if I have to choose only one, I’d pick the Institute Solutions Y-Lifting. This is our new range of lifting cosmetics which aims to slim down the face profile and reduce double chin and neck wrinkles.

It is worth pointing out that our new Y-lifting cosmetic range was inspired by procedures performed at Dr Irena Eris Cosmetic Institutes, which are based on the synergy of three hi-tech technologies – radiofrequency, ultrasound and vacuum massage.

With age, due to the loss of collagen, the skin loses its firmness, density, and elasticity – this process is intensified by hormonal changes, poor diet, and environmental factors. The cheeks begin to sag, a double chin appears as a result of skin flabbiness and the accumulation of fat in this area, while on the neck, characteristic horizontal lines, called Venus rings, become visible. The lower part of the face near the jawline gets wider, and the facial oval loses its young, slender appearance. The cheeks, chin and neck form the ‘Y zone’, which affects how the whole face looks.

What’s On The Horizon For Dr Irena Eris

Our brand is now recognizable worldwide. But we still have our dreams which drive us forward.

For me and my team at our Centre for Science and Research, the goal is to win the Nobel Prize.

We believe this will happen eventually.