Nabil Hayari Luxezine Expert Speak

M. Nabil Hayari Unveils the Intersection of Fashion and Fragrances

Celebrated couturier, M. Nabil Hayari is synonymous with breathtaking gowns and wedding dresses that are created in the purest French couture tradition. With Hayari Parfums, the brand gives a new meaning to the French dream of elegance and luxury. Made in France, each perfume bottle holds the essence of the brand and the most loved and dreamy city in the world. Delve into the fascinating journey of each fragrance, from its meticulous creation to the exquisite final presentation, and discover the intricate process behind its sublime transformation. 

M. Nabil Hayari takes us through the brand, its connection to couture, and the journey in between.

The Hayari Paris Fragrance Journey

The vision of Hayari Paris is to be unique, authentic and only use the best ingredients. Our passion is to give you the sensation of beauty through our range of fragrances.

Our philosophy is to be free in creation and give you the feeling of glamour with all the savoir faire we can give in our fragrances. As a fashion designer I really want that my clients are more than satisfied with the dress I create for them.

To imagine a couture dress is really intimate and full of emotion for the woman, that’s why it is so close to the world of perfume.

On Fragrance Inspiration

I am always inspired by travel. It allows you to meet different people, experience different perspectives and be at the start of a trend. I’m inspired by art, music, and icons such as Marylin Monroe, Adele and Brigitte Bardot.

Whether it’s a dress or a fragrance, the process is the same–-it begins with a vision. This could be a theme, a personality, an emotion I want to model in a way that nobody has done before. My style is to innovate in a traditional way.

How Hayari Paris Fragrances Are Created

The fragrance journey involves immersing myself in the world of perfumes, experiencing a variety of aromas, and discovering personal preferences and connections to specific scents. I hope to bring my unique artistic vision and expertise to the process, resulting in a diverse range of captivating fragrances. Creating a perfume is a complex and artistic process that involves several stages, such as:

The first step is to find inspiration for the perfume. During a fragrance journey, I may try different perfumes, colognes, essential oils, or other scented products in order to find the best of the best for the person, woman or man. When I research, I like to learn about the various notes, compositions, and techniques used in perfumery. A fragrance journey is always such a personal and subjective experience — scents can evoke memories, emotions, and associations unique to each individual. Think of fragrance as a sensory adventure that enhances self-expression, evokes pleasure, and creates a personal olfactory signature.

Once inspired, we select the perfumer who then develops a concept for the perfume. We have worked with celebrated names like Dorothée Piot at Robertet house and Cécile Zarokian. They then envision the scent as fresh and citrusy, warm, and sensual, or any other desired olfactory.

The co-creator of Hayari Paris, Hugues Alard and I, along with the perfumer select the notes, and precise proportions to create the desired fragrance. We take care about which natural ingredients we want to be part of our fragrance, like Jasmine from Egypt, Cardamone from Italy.

Hayari Paris - Luxezine

The Intersection Of Fashion & Fragrance

Our vision is to celebrate both trend and tradition, exuding glamour and the highest level of savoir faire with our creations. This vision is shared by both their Couture and Fragrance lines. So, fashion and fragrance fit together because both are creative and as you know the fragrance is the invisible accessory of fashion.

For women or men with discerning taste, our brand, Hayari Paris likes to select the perfect ingredients for our perfumes, just as we choose the best embroideries and tissues.

I like to create a signature scent that complements my couture collection. The fragrance can be diffused in the air or applied to models, creating a multisensory experience that enhances the overall impact of the fashion presentation during runway shows.

On Fragrance & Emotions

Fragrances have the ability to evoke specific feelings or moods in individuals. They have the power to trigger emotional responses and create a sensory experience that can transport us to different places, memories, or states of mind. Certain scents can evoke happiness, joy, and excitement. For example, citrusy and fruity fragrances are often associated with feelings of freshness and energy. These scents can uplift our mood and create a sense of positivity. It is what we wanted to express in our collection of Source Joyeuse.

On the other hand, some fragrances can evoke a sense of calmness, relaxation, and tranquility. Lavender, chamomile, and other floral scents can create a soothing and peaceful atmosphere. These notes are seen in our FeHom & Glamour Day fragrances. They can also evoke nostalgia and bring back memories. The smell of freshly baked cookies or a particular flower can transport us back to our childhood or a specific moment in time. These scents can trigger emotions of happiness, comfort, or even sadness. only For Her can express this.

Additionally, fragrances can be used to create a sense of sensuality and romance. Certain notes like vanilla, musk, or jasmine are often associated with seduction and intimacy. These scents can evoke feelings of desire, passion, and attraction, as told earlier with Borderie and bridal scents.

The Origin Of ‘Only For Him’

I started with a line of floral feminine perfumes. After launching the collection of three fragrances, a groom-to-be became extremely jealous of the bride and asked me, “Why isn’t there a fragrance for me?”

It was the beginning of the story of « only For Him »…

On Bridal Fragrance Notes

I personally think that a bridal fragrance has to be light, clean, sensual and floral. The expression of theses emotions is the feeling you can have when you smell « Broderie » with lily and gardenia, sensitive jasmine in base notes.

For men, « Only for Him » is the perfect sensation of the chic with Bergamotte in the top note and cedar wood in heart note.

The combination of the two fragrances is so elegant and high level.

Bridal fragrances often aim to evoke a sense of romance, elegance, and timeless beauty. They are typically light, delicate, and feminine, with a focus on floral and soft notes.

White flowers like jasmine, gardenia, tuberose, and lily of the valley are popular in bridal fragrances. They exude a romantic and ethereal quality, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. Rose is a classic note in perfumery and is often used in bridal fragrances. It symbolizes love and beauty, and its delicate and sweet aroma adds a romantic and feminine touch. « Rose Chic » is our best expression in Hayari fragrances for this.

We could also think of subtle spices like cardamom, pink pepper, or a hint of cinnamon, which can add depth and warmth to bridal fragrances. They provide a subtle and intriguing twist, adding complexity to the overall scent, as FeHom (the name means Femme woman and Homme Men)

On Packaging & Design

The bottle we have designed with Sylvie de France is a round bottle with different facets, which represents the different facets of our personality. We won a prize in New York for the originality of our box design. It opens like a flower and is a reflection of luxury.

Every detail is important for us––our vision of excellence is what you can find in Hayari Paris.